this bus has been converted into a 2 story motorhome!

this bus has been converted into a 2 story motorhome!

This amazing, very unusual motorhome can accommodate a whole family of 8 in great comfort thanks to its two toilets and a real terrace on its roof!

A campIt’s already a good positionbut have even more space, others change automatically then in real luxury motorhomes. And it must be in the field double decker bus! This family has changed the model to a really rolling palace. And it was better for them, because for no less 6 childrenthis great tribe needs space on the road!

Like home!

First floorlike in the house, we get living rooms. The the kitchen fully equipped to the top a family space where everyone can sit around a good meal. One of the advantages of this bus comes from its large glazed surfaces that allow the interior to be always bathed in light. The tour of the basement ends with the first toilet, because yes, then this one has several!

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Space for everyone

Even before reaching the first floor, in the middle of the stairs, there is a real big shower! Once up, we find out washing machine like home, but also The second most popular WC and all beds. Every child has the right to his own insulated bed others back when the role of parents is ahead. But he is hiding a little secret. When folded, it allows access toA large terrace that covers almost the entire roof of the car! If that’s not a luxury…

Check out the video of this double-decker bus converted into a motorhome below:

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