they are promoting movies in BitTorrent to rip off the best users

they are promoting movies in BitTorrent to rip off the best users

In Taiwan, prosecutors have indicted five men suspected of creating a massive traffic jam of illegally downloaded movies. First they brought the movies as legally as possible, then made them available on BitTorrent, and then ended up releasing them to p2p users.

It all started in early June 2022, when Taiwanese media reported the tragic story of former marathon runner, Kevin Lin. The man is also a businessman, a political critic and a law graduate. According to the investigation conducted by the local police, Kevin Lin established a company called “Truth Intellectual Property Consulting Co”, as soon as he graduated. Thanks to him, he got licenses that allow him stream movies legallyand thus restore the relevant films.

But distributing these works legally was not the goal of Kevin Lin’s company. Because once these movies were available, they found themselves on BitTorrent networks. By tracing the IP address in the original sharing of these films, investigators discovered that the source was none other than Kevin Lin’s company.

All this for a special purpose: the investigators also discovered that users, who downloaded these movies, had received legal threats derived from Truth Intellectual Property Consulting Co. Kevin Lin’s company was tryingextorting participating internet users by demanding cash payments.

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They released movies for illegal download to get money from pirates

Hundreds of copyright infringement threats have been issued by Truth Intellectual Property Consulting. In total, since August 2021, the company has filed 937 lawsuits. But only 25 cases were successful, allowing him to seize the bottom 900,000 NT dollars (about 29,000 euros).

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Kevin Lin is not the only one involved: he would benefit from the help of four other partners, including a lawyer. The principal defends himself from the accusations. According to him, the investigation is politically motivated, due to the support of the opposition and criticism of the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Prosecutors are demanding stiffer punishments for 5 defendants, but have not yet named which one.

Source: Focus on Taiwan