these things you didn’t know (and which will surprise you)

these things you didn’t know (and which will surprise you)

Thought you knew everything about Audi? We invite you to discover three things to know about the brand with four rings!

Audi was officially born in 1985, although the original manufacturer, August Horch Automobilwerke GmbH started in 1909. Since then, the German company has evolved, creating some of the most ridiculous and strange sports cars in the world. The world. But do you know everything about the Ingolstadt brand? We invite you to discover three things you probably don’t know about this!

A very thoughtful name

Where does the name Audi come from? As you can imagine, this one was not chosen by chance. In fact, this word means “to hear” or “to listen” in Latin. In addition, the name of its founder, August Horch also has the same meaning. The four rings represent the four brands of the former Automotive Alliance, which will therefore become Audi.

Shelley, a very special car

Never heard of Shelley? It is normal. It’s the Audi TTS, modified by researchers from Stanford University in 2016. Its specialty? It is fully autonomous and has even been tested on the circuit at more than 190 km/h. A real job, which probably helped the development of this technology in production cars.

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ring on the moon

But Audi is not content to create cars for the road or circuit. Indeed, in 2015, a company with a ring developed a small lunar rover, only named. Audi Lunar Quattro. This one was featured in the movie Alien and was supposed to fly to our satellite last year.

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