these lovers of old cars

these lovers of old cars


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O. Lenuzza, Z. Berkous, D. Chevalier – France 2

French Television

In France, lovers of old cars, DSs, Fiat 500s, VictoryCV 2… ni many. They even meet in clubs. This enthusiasm appeals to many viewers.

“Happiness is driving a good English car with good interiors, good wood, good driving, quiet”, He says he is a regular car lover. And there is no need to roll over gold roaming in their small settlements. “It’s more than a car, it’s a family logo, it’s a tradition. This is my mother’s car “says the driver 2CV. All the old cars have stories and 400,000 French collectors love to tell.

Once a month, Stéphane Thuret brings together 300 participants. “It was a social elevator. We were just starting out in life. The first goal was housing and then behind the big budget the second is a car “. Says Stephane Thuretchairman of classic passion for retro car.

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