These are the best places in southern Germany

These are the best places in southern Germany

South Germany – especially Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg – but also south of Hesse or even Rhineland-Palatinate, depending on your perspective. Since we have already dealt elsewhere with these federal states and possible travel areas that can be reached by train, we are now talking about the Alps, the Black Forest and much more. And even if there are only two federal states, it is still a large area that you can explore a lot with regional Express. We show you the best places. It is important to us that you do not need more than twenty minutes to walk from the train station.


The provincial capital and the capital of Bavaria Munich are – like all major cities – the destination itself and may be a different text from the destination. However, we use Munich as a starting point for some of the more remote areas.

The Bavarian Regiobahn (RB 57) takes you every hour from Munich to Gmund and Tegernsee. In addition to the lake rises, you can, for example, visit the Monte Mare lake sauna, the Tegernsee Castle or Braustüberl, which is nearby, within twenty minutes.

Probably everyone has heard of the city of Bad Tölz on TV. Greetings from the bull from Tölz. RB 56 takes you there. In addition to the museum about Bullen von Tölz, you can see, for example, the Marktstraße and Kalvarienberg as well as the church, from where you have a good view.

Get off the train and travel to Austria? This works, for example, if you take the RB 54 from Munich to Kiefersfelden. The train station is just a few hundred yards from the Inn. After 13 minutes of walking you can be in Austria.

View of Garmisch Partenkirchen

RB 6 takes you from Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. This place is at the bottom of Germany’s largest mountain, Zugspitze. The cable car takes you to the top. Just a few meters from the city train station to the cog subway station. And you can also achieve snow jumping in quick steps within twenty minutes.

The RE 7 line from Augsburg will take you to Allgäu. To reach them from Munich, you must change trains in Buchloe. The Roman city of Kempten in Allgäu then offers you many attractions and is also the starting point for trips to Allgäu – for example to Blaichach, Sonthofen or the old cities (RE 17 / RE75 / RE76) or more to Oberstdorf. Cable cars, mountain climbing trails and alpine panoramas are waiting for you.


The Franconian area is located north of Bavaria. Along with Bamberg, Bayreuth and Nuremberg, the area has several major cities worth seeing. All three areas can be reached by a variety of regional lines. It’s not just the cathedral waiting for you in Bamberg, Festspielhaus in Bayreuth and Kaiserburg in Nuremberg – every city has many other important things to offer. You can also visit the entire brewery in Bamberg – the first is just eight minutes from the train station.

Another interesting destination in the region: Kronach. Rosenberg Fort in the 1,000-year-old city is just one mile from the train station. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful castles in Germany – and it has never been considered. You can reach Kronach for RE 14 from Nuremberg and Bamberg as well as Saalfeld.

And if you like to climb a mountain, we recommend a trip to Ebermannstadt (RE 22 from Bamberg). On Sundays and public holidays (for an additional charge) you can take the Swiss steam train from Franconia to Beringersmühle – passing several castles and caves.


In “Ländle” you have many tourist attractions, which are best known for their scenery. Whether Lake Constance, Black Forest or Rhine Valley. The state capital of Stuttgart is the center of everything. As with any large city, the same situation applies here: the city itself is already the site itself. funicularcog railway, TV tower and viewing platform, StadtPalais and New Palace await visitors.

From Stuttgart you can reach Singen (Hohentwiel) without changing the train. This place is the best place for you to explore the Badensee area. Because from there you can take RB 33 to Schaffhausen, for example. Schaffhausen is known for Rhine Falls, a 150-meter-wide Rhine waterfall at Laufen Castle. The access is farther away from the Schaffhausen train station than our regular 20-minute walk, but you can take the S9 to the Neuhausen Rheinfall train station. You can also walk to Switzerland from the Schaffhausen train station. Caution: Make sure your cell phone does not have access to the Swiss network! You can read all about roaming in Switzerland with us.

Freiburg in Breisgau
Freiburg in Breisgau

From Singen you can also take the train to Constance. The train station is located directly on Lake Constance. Kaiserbrunnen, Imperia and other attractions invite you – such as a Swiss tour. The same situation applies here: Attention and roaming.

Black Forest

The Black Forest attracts many different cities and many travel options that we cannot list all here. But with a trip to Freiburg im Breisgau you are already doing a lot of the same things. The Black Forest capital invites you to stay – also gastronomically. For example, the RE7 from Offenburg and Karlsruhe takes you to Freiburg, but there are many S-Bahn routes. Other major train stations just outside the Black Forest: Waldshut-Tiegen, Rottweil and Freudenstadt (all available directly from Stuttgart) and Villingen.

Baden-Baden is more than just an in-house guide for travelers. The city on the northern edge of the Black Forest was in 2020 for the best way to climb a mountain in Germany bora. You can reach Baden-Baden for RE 2 from Karlsruhe and Konstanz.

Regional route at Nuremberg station

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