These apps are currently free

These apps are currently free

The Google Play Store and Apple Store Store have many apps, some of which are free, but some are paid. Not a big secret. However, what most people are not aware of or do not consider is that full paid versions can be downloaded as part of a free offer. We’ve selected some interesting programs for you.

These professional apps are currently free (Android)

  • Sudoku offline puzzle (Euro 2.79) – Sudoku Games is a dozen dime on the Google Play Store. But these are usually paid for or sponsored by advertising. None of these apply to this Sudoku variant. (Star 4.3, 915 reviews)
  • EZ Notes via Audio Notes (Euro 4.50) – Even in 2022, there will be no notebook. However, they can now be digital – in the form of note-taking software. EZ notes are also unique and stand out from the crowd because they highlight audio notes that have been copied before being stored. (4.5 stars, 4,726 reviews)
  • Equalizer FX Pro (Euro 1.89) – When you download this app, you have a visual sync with many different setting options. (4.3 stars, 14,575 reviews)
  • Unit converter (Euro 7.99) – Change almost any unit to another with this app. Be it time, energy, speed, temperature or even coin. Users can choose from a total of 48 categories. (4.5 stars, 18,869 reviews)

These currently paid apps are free (iOS)

  • Shooting Pro Webcam for Mac and PC (Euro 5.49) – IPhone as a webcam? Absolutely no problem with this app! Shooting a Pro Web Camera lets you connect your smart phone to your Mac or Computer and shine at high-quality photo conferencing. (4.4 stars, 10 marks)
  • Down (Euro 9.99) – Minder is a slightly different bodybuilding program. Because this does not support your muscle training, but it does promote your posture and breathing.
  • PDF: Scanner, converter (Euro 1.09) – If no real scanner can be reached, PDF: Scanner, converter software can help. With the tools, the documents can be “analyzed” directly from the iPhone and stored as a PDF. (Star 4.7, 54 reviews)
  • Install your 3D Boat Jet (Euro 1.09) – Je! Ever wanted to stop a boat without owning it? So now you have reason to be happy. Because your Boat Simulator software lets you use this – in 3D. (Star 4.4, 162 reviews)
  • ACDSee Pro (Euro 7.99) – This app is a roundabout solution when it comes to camera. On the one hand, the app supports users with functions such as manual mode, real-time filters and setting parentheses during photography. On the other hand, the app also provides the editor that is used during subsequent editing. And collages can also be created with the program. (4.7 stars, 999 reviews)

Free software with a trap – you have to consider that

All applications listed above were received free of charge when the passage was made. Unfortunately, developers do not say how long the offer will last. If you like the app, you should download it as soon as possible.

Before downloading, however, it is advisable to take a closer look at the relevant pages in Google Play Store or App Store. Because some programs place different restrictions.

Internal Software Purchasing and Advertising

As a rule, in-app purchases and advertising are more likely to be found in free apps, but full versions are often not requested – whether they were purchased for free or for a fee. This is especially true if the downloaded app is a game intended for teens. In situations like these, one of the following parental controls may be helpful:

Software permissions

Some apps have the advantage of collecting user information and selling it, for example. If you want to be on the safe side, you should make sure that you only give the apps the permissions that need to work. The alarm clock usually does not require access to the camera or the people you are communicating with, while the flashlight does not need to be sensitive to your location data.

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