The Yamaha TMAX leads the sales of two-wheelers in France!

The Yamaha TMAX leads the sales of two-wheelers in France!

Yamaha’s top sports scooter takes advantage of its new generation to climb to the top of the sales platform of 125 cm3 or more in France, which gives pride of place to motorcycles.

An increase of 43.7% or 3,782 sales, this is a very good mark for the new Yamaha TMAX over the first 6 months of 2022, compared to the same period in 2021. Obviously the big scooter is doing well with the arrival of its latest generation, which we have also taken to the handlebars. He took the opportunity to take first place in the competition Honda Forza 125 (3,598 sales), which in turn experienced a decrease of 11.6% compared to last year. The podium is complete with Piaggio MP3 (2,707 sales) time The first motorcycle, Yamaha MT-07, comes only in 4th place and 2,527 units sold.


Electric scooters are on the rise

Of the 57,815 two-wheelers of 125 cm3 or more sold in the first half, there are only 4,940 electric ones. So we are still far from electricity/heat balance, but the market for scooters and battery-powered scooters is definitely booming, having jumped 221% in one year. It remains to be seen if this success will be sustained or if it is a short-lived revolution. Regarding the share of scooters in the list, they account for 29,100 sales out of 57,815. 50.3% of sales of two-wheelers of at least 125 cc are not motorcycles, proof that the two-wheeler was a practical means of transportation before it became a walking machine.

Posted on 07/29/2022 Updated 07/29/2022