The VW Gol leads outright sales and the Hyundai Creta is the best seller at retail

The VW Gol leads outright sales and the Hyundai Creta is the best seller at retail

One way to “blow up” the license plates of some vehicles is the practice of direct sales. In summary, it is the sale of vehicles to companies, such as fleet owners and leasing companies. These are activities that are done in groups, at a low price and without the interference of traders. And this positively affects the planning of space. THE Fiat Stradafor example, leads the market, but lost to VW target in direct sales (see rank).


1) Volkswagen Golf – 7,642
2) Fiat Strada – 6,320
3) Fiat Cronos – 5,067
4) Hyundai HB20 – 4,824
5) Jeep Compass – 4,681
6) Peugeot 208 – 4,187
7) Volkswagen Touring – 3,585
8) Citroen C4 Cactus – 3,553
9) Volkswagen T-Cross – 2,826
10) Jeep Renegade – 2,716

According to statistics from Fenabrave, the participation of direct sales in the total list – which adds two channels -, exceeded half of cars and light commercial vehicles of June. In number, it took 51.4% of the total. Therefore, sales in retail (for individuals) took the remaining 48.6%.

It is worth pointing out that this difference can only occur because of the decline in retail sales. After all, this business model is more susceptible to market downturns.

Crete is recommended by individuals

In retail sales, Hyundai Crete was the best seller in June, winning the favor of those buying a car with CPF. However, in the overall ranking, it was the 7th most awarded, and it was the 3rd among SUVs, with 5,924 subscribers. In this sense, it sold 4,733 copies. soon after coming Chevrolet Tracker (4,036) and Fiat Pulse (3,900).

Fiat / Disclosure

And it is only in fourth place Fiat Strada pops up. Famous for leading the ranking after the fall of Onyx, the image to take appears with 3,520 units. That is, 2/3 of buyers are legal entities. O VW T-Cross closes the “top 5” with 3,483 units.

Check out the top 10 sellers in retail:

1) Hyundai Crete – 4,733
2) Chevrolet Tracker – 4,036
3) Fiat Pulse – 3,900
4) Fiat Strada – 3,520
5) Volkswagen T-Cross – 3,483
6) Toyota Corolla Cross – 3,333
7) Chevrolet Onix – 3,142
8) Hyundai HB20 – 3,114
9) Chevrolet Onix Plus – 2,966
10) Renault Kwid – 2,209

This, in short, explains that such examples Volkswagen Golf, Fiat Cronos, Peugeot 208 and even a lover Jeep Compass, for example, rely more on direct sales. So much so that none of them even appear in the “top 10” of retail. That is, they are more accessible by legal entities.

And if the list seems unusual in comparison with the general ranking, everything gets even more confused when the conversation turns to the convention for the year. In retail, Chevrolet Onix dominates with 26,786 units sold from January to June. Leadership, however, is threatened. that’s it Hyundai Crete loses by more than 700 units. Therefore, it had 26,041 sales in first half of 2022. The third is VW T-Cross and 24,258 registrations.

Chevrolet / Disclosure

As for the year to date of direct sale, Fiat Strada is a leader. There were 36,309 units – it is the best-selling car of 2022 in this state. Next, it is HB20 and compass and, respectively, 23,640 and 23,564 units were sold.

Fiat: leader in overall ranking, direct sales and retail

Leads to direct sales and retail, Fiat held, respectively, 23.3% and 18.7% of the market in June. In the overall list of cars and light commercial vehicles, the Italian company takes first place with a share of 21%. In the other two positions of the podium, changes. In direct sales, Volkswagen (18%) and Jeep (10%) appear in positions 2 and 3. In retail, Toyota is vice (15.8%) and General Motors appears as 3rd place with 15% share.

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