The Volvo C40 Electric may have a cheaper version in Brazil

The Volvo C40 Electric may have a cheaper version in Brazil

Volvo’s 100% electric C40 Recharge coupe will be launched in Brazil. Volvo will introduce a third version of the car to complete the Recharge range. According to the news, a new model will be called C40 Recharge Core and will be a simplified version of the electric car, this being the version that should be launched here..

The company confirmed that the car derived from the XC40 SUV, which has been converted into a fully electric model, will arrive in the country. However, according to the Spanish website Electric Forocoches the manufacturer is looking for a more affordable version of its car which already has C40 Recharge Plus and Ultimate versions. In Europe, the Volvo C40 Recharge is available in 231hp and 300hp versions, with a 75kWh battery, offering a range of up to 432km.

The model circulating in the European market has an initial value of € 54,817 (R $ 348.4 thousand in direct conversion). The C40 Recharge Core will be bundled without some features, such as cruise control, lane keeping system, rear collision warning, keyless entry and heated seats. Predictions show that a simplified version of The C40 will cost €49,740 (R$315 thousand in direct conversion).

Volvo Brasil is investing in electrified roads

The company is also investing in the development of electric roads throughout Brazil, with the aim of promoting electric cars. A Swedish manufacturer plans to build roads with fast chargers.

The marketing director of Volvo Car Brasil, Rafael Ugo, informs that the company’s intention is to connect all of Brazil through electric lines. “We are leading change because we believe in electric vehicles and this significant investment we are making goes against everything we believe in.”

First, 13 routes will be created covering 3,250 kilometers from São Paulo and connecting cities such as Belo Horizonte (MG), Curitiba (PR), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Uberlândia (MG), Baixada Santista and the northern coast of São Paulo state. Each of the points will be able to charge two cars at the same time.

Source: FCE


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