The UK will legalize driving independently in 2022 with inconsistent details

The UK will legalize driving independently in 2022 with inconsistent details

The UK is not always compatible. The British Isles government has approved free driving despite the fact that citizens do not end up seeing it with very good eyes. However, this is not a recent novel, but a craving for mobile phone licenses compared to other activities that pose a similar risk of distraction.

Independent driving is a technology that is being implemented step by step, but there are still many questions about what will be allowed to be done in cars when the autonomous system takes control. Although The United States already has a worldwide use lawin fact it will be different countries that control the operating conditions of this technology in its various levels.

However, some variations in some working countries development of its own code that will include highway regulations. Germany has set an example at the highest level that has made it available to neighboring countries and in other states on the other side of the Atlantic. But it has been UK the one who takes the cake, in amazement and evolution of its unequal highway regulationsfor some.

The Future Continental screen allows image display while driving

Self-driving cars in the UK, yes for TV, not for smart phones

Because if free driving is designed to prevent accidents, and at level 3 drivers must be careful to take control when the system needs it, it is quite the opposite. Watching TV is allowed on the automotive board and the use of mobile phones is not permittedeven when autonomous work is initiated and therefore the vehicle is running.

A few years ago, the television module was one of the best attractions among BMW’s optional devices. The German company introduced the system to the board, but to avoid serious misconduct, it allowed the viewer only to stop when the parking brakes were turned on. Various studies have confirmed that The use of screens is as dangerous as that of smart phonesthat is why countries like Germany and Italy have balanced its use to the same extent, proposing restrictions on those who use screens while driving.

self-driving cars level 3 will be a reality in the UK by the end of the year, as well as the uniqueness of an enhanced debate: accountability in the event of an accident. Mercedes has already confirmed that it will bear the consequences of the crash due to the performance of the “Drive Pilot” system in a statement that has never happened compared to many other developers who are not ready to take such risks. British lawmakers are placing gambling on the star-studded line, indicating that one of the new features of the highway code will be as follows: drivers will not be responsible in an accident.

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