The two new electric models should take a new step in autonomous driving

The two new electric models should take a new step in autonomous driving

BMW took the opportunity of its results presentation to announce the launch of two electric models, based on its new Neue Klasse platform. It will be a sedan and a compact SUV.

For several years now, BMW has been delivering electrification in abundance. This goes through a hybrid that can be recharged, but above all through the development of its electric range.. And it’s already packed, with i3, i4, iX3, as well as i7 and iX1 in the pipeline. But as you can imagine, the German company has no intention of stopping there.

Indeed, and as his boss Oliver Zipse declared, BMW expects half of its sales by 2030 to be electric models. The company also wants to sell no less than two million by 2025. In order to achieve this goal and respect the will of the European Union to ban the sale of hot cars in 2035, it plans to launch new models, which will be the basis. on an unprecedented platform.

Sedans and SUVs

Indeed, it was during the presentation of the first quarter results that Oliver Zipse announced the creation of a completely new platform, called Neue Klasse. A name that was not chosen at random at the time, and which had been used in the 60s to designate a new series. This was then a real turning point for BMW and helped save the manufacturer.

Until then, we still knew very little about this platform, except thatit will be launched with the future electric 3 Series in 2025. But here it is communicate of the brand, published during the presentation of the 2nd quarter results, teaches us a little more.

In fact, the boss of the brand confirms that two new models will be launched on this platform “from 2025″. And continue:We will take the next big step with Neue Klasse […]. Initially, we plan a compact sedan in the 3 Series segment and a sports SUV. By the end of this decade, the Neue Klasse should represent more than half of our sales“.

Full range

These two cars, which still remain very mysterious about their technical details and their design, should compete mainly with the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. We know, however, that special work will be done on durability and the choice of materials. while these newcomers are expected to take another step forward when it comes to autonomous driving. Maybe they will be able to reach level 3, which is now approved on European roads? According to BMW, hydrogen-powered versions may also see the light of day.

If it will be necessary to wait until 2025 before we see the first model based on the Neue Klasse arrive, Oliver Zipse indicates that the first taste will be shown in 2023, at the Munich show. Other models should see the light of day a little later to form a complete range, with higher and more advanced cars.

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