The trial of the ‘butcher shooter’ in Maringá begins

The trial of the ‘butcher shooter’ in Maringá begins

The trial of the ‘butcher shooter’ in Maringá begins

Photo: Letícia Tristão/CBN Maringá

After five years of a trial that shocked Maringá, the ‘butcher’s shooter’ is on trial this Thursday, the 11th. The famous jury of Edinaldo Ferreira da Silva started at 8:30 am at the Maringá Forum.

He allegedly killed Adelson Donizete Ferraz, 41, inside the Avenida Brasil butcher shop on Sunday morning in August 2017.

The Public Ministry of Paraná accused the defendant of five attempted murders, three for murder characterized by three with direct intent (when the intent is) and two with subsequent intent (when the intent is assumed, but the risk is assumed).

Edinaldo would have a disagreement with the butcher’s staff when, shortly before leaving, he fired several shots into the butcher’s shop, which resulted in the death of one person and the injury of another. The shooter and the victim did not know each other.

According to the defense, Edinaldo will not be on the jury because of a medical procedure.

The prosecution will ask for preventive detention, says prosecutor Edson Cemensati.

“One completed, three counts of murder, 5 attempts qualified and illegal possession of a weapon. It is absurd, inappropriate conduct. This suspect deserves to be severely punished. This crime revolted the community because on Sunday, he went to the butcher, and for a small matter, because he had an argument with the owner, he left the butcher and lowered the gun. […]. He fired 6 shots, none of them in the air, so he wanted to kill. He claims that he has a mental problem, he does not have a mental problem at all to the extent that he will not come to the trial today”, says the prosecutor.

According to Edinaldo’s defense lawyer, Israel Batista de Moura, the action will be to avoid the maximum penalty required by the prosecution.

“Was the intention really to commit 5 or 6 murders, as the prosecutor says? Of course not. At the very least, his intention may have been to reach the people he had an argument with, however, it would be 1 or 2 people. The rest we call errors of timing implementation. What we want is that the prosecutor’s claims, between 60 and 70 years, are not appropriate”, explains the defense lawyer.

According to the defense, Ednaldo is absent from the jury due to a medical procedure.

“He has a health condition that was already bad, and it has gotten worse. He was rushed to the hospital by Unimed. He had a ureteral surgery and he still hasn’t slept in bed”, he explains.

The victim, Adelson Donizete Ferras, left behind a wife and eight children. The assistant prosecutor on behalf of the family, Cláudia Soares, says the family expects a fair sentence.

“Our goal is to get a sentence so that the children get an answer from the court. There are 8 children that Adelson left behind. He was at the butcher’s shop buying meat with his wife and he was shot by a stranger and he didn’t even know how to shoot”, says the assistant.

Edinaldo was arrested the day after the crime and has been in judicial custody ever since. Because of the tragedy, he was discharged and served at home with an electronic wrist, due to co-morbidities. The case should be extended during this Thursday, 11.

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