The title Avengers Unlimited (Infinity Comics) is available on Marvel Unlimited

The title Avengers Unlimited (Infinity Comics) is available on Marvel Unlimited

For program subscribers Infinite wondereach week equals new vertical scrolling digital content, called Infinity Comics (because the webtoon was definitely too mainstream). For this summer week, lovers ofthey took revenge you will be glad to find a post dedicated to the biggest team of heroes in this world.

From the classic Avengers alongside Jason Aaron

With a new episode every week, title, baptized in volume Avengers Unlimitedbegan publication on July 12, 2022, under the direction of the screenwriter David Peposewith illustrations and Farid Karami and colors of DC Alonso. Two episodes marked the launch, with a series called “Black Ledger“, where the Avengers are targeted by a mysterious antagonist.

It all starts when the meeting goes in The man of steel and Captain America is interrupted by work master and Spirit (two criminals who had the right to appear Black widow and Ant-Man & The Wasp respectively), the coordination of their attack making it abundantly clear that they were involved with a third party. Later, Thor and Black Panther are also attacked, and Tri Sentinelapparently under the instructions of the same sponsor.

Avengers Unlimited available on Infinite wonderwhich you can download in France and whose subscription is also available in our latitudes (border DC Universe Infinite to do so…).


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