The Tesla boss is coming back

The Tesla boss is coming back

Nothing is going well between Elon Musk and Twitter. In early July, the social network attacked the billionaire in court following his stance in support of his bid to take power. Twitter’s request is simple: honor its promise to buy it or pay a billion-dollar severance package. A few weeks later, so it’s Elon Musk’s turn to file a complaint against his enemy brother.

Lies and betrayal

According to AFP, Tesla’s boss filed a complaint against Twitter last Friday. If the Delaware Court considers that this 164-page document should not be made public for confidentiality reasons, the Wall Street Journal argues that Elon Musk’s request is related to the number of users who can be redeemed.

According to the billionaire, Twitter allegedly lied about these users after they accepted the buyout offer. The social network estimated that less than 5% of its active users were not real. For Elon Musk, there is much more. This disagreement would make him go back and cancel his offer to take $44 billion. This argument has been made many times by Elon Musk on social media, especially… Twitter.

Twitter is already paying the price

If the justice gives its decision on October 17, the consequences of this case have already caused a stir on Twitter, especially on the stock market.

While Elon Musk had promised to offer $54.20 per share in his buyback, the billionaire’s public criticism on social media as well as suspicions about the fake account led to a price drop.

So, on July 11, the eve of Twitter’s complaint against Elon Musk, Twitter shares were trading at just $32. On Friday, the day of the complaint filed by the billionaire, Twitter was listed at $41.61.

Rather? I’m not sure. Because the share price is not the only problem of the social network. The series also caused the advertising company’s revenue to drop. Nothing is going on anymore.