The teasers hint at the sporty Outlander developed by Ralliart |  cars

The teasers hint at the sporty Outlander developed by Ralliart | cars


Mitsubishi Ralliart concept: the picture shows only the details of the rear bumper of the car that will be shown in Japan

Mitsubishi publishes a teaser of the concept design
Ralliart whose prediction is that it will appear from the first half of January, during the Tokyo Motor Show (Japan). Although the brand has not revealed what the model will be, it says that its style will reflect “the company’s vision for the new Ralliart.”

THE Ralliart
is the sports division that contributed to the diamond brand winning important titles such as Dakar Rally and World Rally Championship (WRC)
. After a hiatus of more than 10 years, the producer returned to the market with a special line of model kits. Pajero game
and L200 Triton.

As for the supercar, through the spoiler, we can see a massive diffuser covering the rear bumper, with F1-style LED lights integrated in the middle with the badge. Ralliart
on the right side.

The design of the tailgate is reminiscent a stranger
of the new generation what could be the new version of SUV
that the brand will be preparing and, although the bumper is different. Given the lack of visible exhaust, the concept can be equipped with an all-electric powertrain or a plug-in hybrid with a hidden exhaust.

last may, Mitsubishi
officially announced the return of the category, while a few weeks ago they launched a series of original equipment. Ralliart
for Pajero Sport and Triton
in Thailand, but it seems the time has come for a branded car.

In addition, another subcompact concept is planned. 100% electric kei EV
which will be combined with the most advanced driver support and connectivity systems and whose production version is expected to take place from April 2022.