The Suzuki Escudo was the most interesting car in Gran Turismo on the Playstation 1;  to know the real story of this story |  Curiosity

The Suzuki Escudo was the most interesting car in Gran Turismo on the Playstation 1; to know the real story of this story | Curiosity

If you played any title in the series Gran Turismo from the second game onwards, he certainly spent hours in front of the Playstation trying to unlock Suzuki Shield. As well as being the most expensive car in GT2, it was also the most powerful – and some online racers ruled it out for being too impressive.

With the launch of Gran Turismo 7 cash, car games saves the history of this logo example that made trouble in virtual songs and on the story track Pikes Peak.

Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima, creator of Suzuki Shield Pikes Peak — Photo: Disclosure

father of Shield he is the famous pilot Nobuhiro Tajima. In the early 1980s, Japanese manufacturers sought to promote their products internationally. It was then Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Suzuki began to enter the world of competition, especially in World Rally Championship (WRC) which still exists today.

Suzuki had no racing experience, but they knew that a Japanese rider had set up a workshop to build racing models, Monster Sports International. In 1986, the partnership between Suzuki and Nobuhiro Tajima began, albeit timidly.

Pikes Peak has been used for racing since 1907. More than seven riders have died on the track – Photo: Disclosure

In addition to being a pilot, Nobuhiro Tajima was a mechanic and designer of his works. His biggest dream was to climb the mountain choosein the United States, where in addition to being fast, cars need to be stable. A bad turn can spell the end of your run. or your life.

His first bet was Suzuki Quickwhich was prepared with two 1.6 engines – one on each axle – capable of developing a combined power of 800 hp.

Suzuki Swift by Nobuhiro Tajima — Photo: Disclosure

And indeed, he achieved his goal. In the years 1993 and 1994, no other car went up Pikes Peak as fast as a Suzuki Quick by Nobuhiro Tajima. He put his name in the history of athletics and was given a nickname an animal and Americans.

The Suzuki Escudo showcased aerodynamics in the 90s — Photo: Disclosure

With last years success, Monster Tajima returned to put his Suzuki Swift to the top of the Pikes in 1995. But the more modern and faster Toyota Celica AWD, driven by New Zealander Rod Millen, ended up being the big winner. At this time, Tajima had a lot of support from Suzuki to build a better car.

Look, the one Shield, with a tubular chassis and many carbon fiber body components. Suzuki supported Tajima in development, and even bought a wind tunnel to improve the aerodynamics of the new model. After all, the rise of Pikes Peak it asks for more than a simple engine upgrade to produce more power.

The Escudo was offered with a V6 engine, biturbo, in a mid-rear, turbocharged configuration. 985 hp of strength and 95 kgfm of torque. Together with Quickits all-wheel drive, but with a six-speed sequential transmission.

The use of light materials only left the model 900 kggiving a power-to-weight ratio (1:0.8) that was insane at the time.

Suzuki knew they had a real story on their hands. The shield was capable of reaching 100 kilometers per hour 2.7 secondswith the highest speed in the range of 270 km / h. In 1995, come on he won again Pikes Peak.

Gran Turismo 2 was the first title in the series to feature the Suzuki Escudo — Photo: Disclosure

It was launched in 1999 for the exclusive PlaystationO Gran Turismo 2 A modern racing game experience. If before the names were common, like a series Need for Speedthe game featured a new, more realistic side, as a simulator.

Suzuki Shield it was one of the last cars that a player could get without codes, cheats, or using Game Shark. In addition to speed, his greatest competitive advantage was endurance.

Even if the player misses the curve, the Shield it will reduce your muscular body from side to side guard rail and continue on the track. Therefore, the game did not require an experienced player holding a joystick. Even his non-video game cousin could beat him easily, regardless of hours of gameplay.

Originally, Gran Turismo 7 will have more than 400 cars available, with others to be released as updates. Suzuki Shield will have to follow the tradition of other games in the series and continue to appeal, as a special car to get after several hours.

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