The Stranger 4 stuff is set to be the biggest song in Netflix history

The Stranger 4 stuff is set to be the biggest song in Netflix history

Stranger stuff could soon remove Squid Game and become the most watched column of all time on Netflix. The series is now the second in the history of the streaming giant to exceed one billion hours of viewing, reports Variety.

Things Stranger 4, the last season of the hit series, has become the second Netflix series to exceed one billion hours watched. Indeed, since the announcement of the first season of the season on May 27, viewers have used it 1.15 billion total hours to watch all nine seasonsincluding 301 million hours last weekend in the event of the last two episodes.

As a reminder, only one series has so far managed to cross the one-hour-long watch: The Squid Game. However, Alien Affairs is now not far behind, and is on track to become Netflix’s biggest songx. As a reminder, season 4 of Stranger Things had already set a new viewing record for the most watched episode within a week.

Old Stranger Things seasons are also popular

The prospect of season 4 has probably aroused the curiosity of the public who were unaware of the column, as well All four seasons of Stranger Things were among the six most watched Netflix shows this weekend, The Umbrella Academy is the only one that has managed to follow. The first season was watched for 34.5 million hours, while seasons 2 and 3 were watched for 30.3 million hours respectively last week.

Stranger stuff will end with its fifth and final season. While waiting for the continuation, which should arrive earlier than expected according to the producers, they have already revealed important information about season 5, including the duration of the periods. There is also a series of spin-off at work which will be very different from what the fans expect. ” I read this rumor that there will be a split of Eleven, Steve and Dustin spin-off or other issue. Said the Duffer Brother. “It’s not fun for me because we’ve done all that. We just sat there not knowing what time it would be to explore it all. So it would be very different. “.

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