The Stellantis Group was affected by several strike movements

The Stellantis Group was affected by several strike movements

Several factories of the Stellantis group have been affected by strikes organized by trade unions, demanding higher wages.

According to information provided by AFP strike movements are gathering in French factories of the Stellantis group. Several trade unions have called on workers to strike, demanding a salary increaseas well as purchasing power bonus payments.

Several websites are affected

Therefore, several strike movements have been observed in recent days. First at the Hordain site, North, where 500 workers have been on strike since Friday. Site managers told AFP that this strike had impact on car production. The Hordain factory produces Peugeot light cars, such as the Peugeot Expert.

Yesterday, at the Valencienne site, around sixty workers decided to stop working. The factory mainly produces gearboxes. A similar observation at the engine factory in Douvrin, in the Pas-de-Calais, where several workers stopped work this weekend for almost two hours.

This Tuesday, a A strike call has been launched at the historic site of Sochauxto resist last-minute shutdowns of production lines due to lack of electronic chips.

All the strikers agree with the demands made by various unions. The latter are asking the management of Stellantis for a salary increase of 400 euros per month, and the payment of a purchasing power bonus of 6,000 euros.

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Stellantis management is open to negotiations

The unions believe that the better figures obtained by the Stellantis group should lead to higher wages. Claims that the group’s management has considered. The leaders of the Stellantis group realize that the last few months have been difficult, due to Covid and various shortages. But they remember that a 3.2% salary increase it had already been proposed in February, during the annual mandatory negotiations. Salary increase of 3.2%, plus incentive bonuses of €4,300which the trade unions considered insufficient.

New negotiations will take place on September 27, between the management of Stellantis and the unions.

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