The SPID Cup broke 9 records in its second run and saw the winners of 18 contested drag racing categories.

The SPID Cup broke 9 records in its second run and saw the winners of 18 contested drag racing categories.

This Sunday, São Paulo International Dragway, the best drag track in the country, met the winners of the second stage of the SPID Cup. During the event, 129 pilots distributed in 18 categories played a major role in the 200m drag race.

The track had 9 records spread throughout the competition, including two Brazilian records, one in the Front Turbo B category.

Summary of the weekend, Caca Daud won in the Super Free category, the fastest at this stage. The driver had the best time in the qualifiers, beating Walquiria Roh Weder in the semi-final and, in a gala performance, he overtook Lucas Frigo and his Chevrolet Nova in the final. The driver took his Chevrolet Cobalt to 297 km/h and crossed 200 meters in 3,993 seconds, the driver has the second mark in the world.

Roni Mendonça was another highlight, the Front Turbo B category driver set the Brazilian qualifying record with a time of 6.248 seconds. The Gol pilot beat two competitors and in the final beat Ricardo Padilha with a time of 6,622, reaching almost 200 km/h on the SPID straight.

In addition, there was a family conflict in the final of the Rear Turbo A category, Celso Camargo was the champion by beating his son Gabriel Camargo in a thrilling final in which the two Opals reached 250 kilometers per hour.

The category with the most participants in the competition was Front Turbo A, which mostly included Gol and Chevy 500 models. José Roberto Pasqualete won for the first time in the competition with the fastest Marea in Brazil. The driver beat Alessandro Lessa in the final with a time of 5.654 seconds and a top speed of 254 km/h.

The Dianteiro Turbo A Light category was championed by Fabio Moura, the pilot defeated category holder Eder Seti in the final and won for the second time in the championship.

In Junior Drag categories, intended for children, Bryan de Oliveira won in 7.9, Pedro Henrique Sathler in 8.9 and 10.9 Luiz Hara da Silva won the stage less than a hundredth of the championship record. In the Light Drag category Gabriel Zezze was the champion.

At the back, Super André Carrillo pushed his Dodge to the limit and passed Gustavo Castanon’s Maverick in the final. The pilot clocked in at 4.727 seconds and reached 242 kilometers per hour, winning by just a tenth of a second.

In other features, Josoé Carvalho won in Tração Street Rear, Igor Sartori won in Rear Street Turbo, Daniel Senne won in Front Turbo C, Rear Turbo B and Marcelo Bonato as winner, Giovano Basso won in Rear Original. , Jader Krolow won Xtreme, Alberto Aires won in Rear Free Force, Wilber Valente in Super Front and Daniel Portella in Front Liver Force.

The Spid Cup will resume its activities on October 7 to 9, with the third stage of the competition. From November 24 to 27, the festival takes place, with the presence of Pro Mod cars, the fastest on the planet.

What he said:

“We were very pleased with this second event at SPID. The best design in the country really caught the attention of pilots and the public. During the stage we had over 120 riders on the track and a bigger audience than the first stage. In addition, we are developing more experiences and enhancing the event structure to serve everyone in the best possible way. I think the end of the year festival will come to crown this great initiative in the world of drag racing.”

Rafael Casagrande.