The Southern Courier |  You can no longer order the 2023 Corvette Z06

The Southern Courier | You can no longer order the 2023 Corvette Z06

From difficult to impossible. That’s where orders for the 2023 Corvette Z06 stand as of today, September 7. Chevrolet yesterday ended orders for the Z06 for the rest of the year. So it seems that only a few rare buyers will have the chance to own the Z06 2023. They have been warned by the recent announcement of limited production.

Only 10% of the planned number has been delivered

Chevrolet does not release details on the very limited production. GM’s official website was the first to announce that only 10% of Z06 orders are slated for production. It is not known, however, how many Z06s Chevrolet planned to build. Chevrolet has confirmed that it has more than 5,000 orders for the C8 Corvette.

The supply chain again

Chevrolet blames the supply chain backed by a big company. But those who wanted a Z06 model for 2023 will have to go back to 2024, not knowing how quickly those models will roll out of the Bowling Green factory. Production of the 2023 Z06 began at the end of May. July 28 is the opening date for order books for the Z06. So in just two months, Chevrolet is overwhelmed enough to stop taking orders.

Beware of price gouging

But in the short term, with the excitement and anticipation around the Z06, they should sell for a premium, whether through dealers or lucky private owners. This is why Chevrolet has introduced a number of policies trying to prevent customers from selling their cars at a high profit. Chevrolet will void your warranty if you sell your Z06 within the first year of ownership. Additionally, customers found guilty of the practice will also be barred from ordering any future GM products, reports The Drive. This will apply to some of the most sought after products including the Z06, Cadillac’s Escalade-V and the GMC Hummer EV and of course other vehicles.

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