The Southern Courier |  Nissan is ditching the Titan for good

The Southern Courier | Nissan is ditching the Titan for good

Canada had phased out the Titan at the end of the 2021 model year. The US had decided to keep it on the road, but that only lasted a year. Nissan has announced that it is removing the large truck from its model list.

Very few sales

Things are tough in the full-size pickup truck market and despite efforts spanning more than 20 years, Nissan doesn’t seem to be doing well in an area that, as we know, is largely dominated by American brands. That is why the Titan, according to what Nissan dealers are reporting these days, will soon not be part of the Japanese brand’s product list.

Clearly, the current model, whose renewal began in 2015, has very little to offer to distinguish itself from its rivals. Its engines, which rely on a powerful but fuel-efficient transmission, have not been changed for the 2022 reality. Nissan may have tried to offer a full-size truck in several flavors, including an XD version with a V8 diesel engine and unlike the different levels of interior finishing, buyers are not at the meeting.

Nissan expected to sell 100,000 Titans a year in North America. Last year, sales peaked at less than 30,000 copies. This is largely insufficient to satisfy management.

He said, it is the whole group of Nissan that should ask themselves these days. The brand continues to bet heavily on a mix of sedans and gasoline-powered cars that don’t suit the market’s reality.

It’s clear we’ve gone backwards on almost every level, and especially on the electric side, which is a shame given the lead Nissan had built with the Leaf. Aryia is coming soon, but the delay in bringing it to market will take time to recover, now that almost every other brand has electric cars on sale as well.

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