The Southern Courier |  Lexus is preparing three electric models

The Southern Courier | Lexus is preparing three electric models

Sedan, SUV and sports car. If Toyota has been slow to get up and running, it seems that the Japanese giant wants to catch up and seems to be doing a double take. A similar approach for the Lexus division that announces the arrival of three electric models.

In three flavors

Initially there will be a 2022 Lexus RZ 450e based on the same platform as the Toyota bZ4X. The RZ will be the first electric Lexus sold in North America. Lexus also showed off what looks like the all-electric LFA successor. This car was only shown from the front, but Lexus has now posted other angles on its Japanese Facebook account. Along with the new image, the car receives an official concept name – Lexus Electrified Sport – and a new description: “A model that symbolizes the future of Lexus, based on an exciting proposition”. Finally, Lexus also offers an electric sedan that marks the ultimate in electric comfort. The successor to the IS sedan has the same overall shape and will go up against the Tesla 3.

And more examples to come

Along with the Sport Electrified and Electrified Sedan, Lexus’ Electrified SUV showed what a larger model than the RZ could look like. While the RZ is compact, this concept looks mid-sized, with maybe three rows of seats. Such a car would be a complete replacement for the current Lexus RX, released in 2015. When announcing the successor to the LFA, Lexus also showed a convertible and low-slung hatchback. These two models have not yet been shown in more detail, but perhaps the manufacturer will share more information soon.

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