The Southern Courier |  Go camping with a… Porsche 911?  And why not!

The Southern Courier | Go camping with a… Porsche 911? And why not!

Go camping with a coupe 911, possible thanks to Tequipment. This division of the German manufacturer offers various accessories specially developed for its vehicles including, among other things, a roof tent with which nature lovers can turn their sports coupe into a welcoming guest house!

This weather tent is designed for two people, weighs only 58 kg and is housed in a rigid, space-shaped box. Created by the Research and Development Center of Porschein Weissach, in collaboration with the FA Porsche design studio in Zell am See, Austria, this box however reduces the car’s top speed to 130 km/h.

Decorated with a matte black “Porsche” monogram on each side, this box is available in black and gray or black and dark gray. Inside, we discover a canvas made of breathable cotton blend fabric. It has waterproof zippers, a separate rain cover for the door and additional weather protection.

Perfect for two

When set up, this tent measures 258 x 257 x 180 cm (length x width x height) and its useful interior area is 210 x 130 cm.

The interior is characterized by an insulating quilted lining in light gray tones and a mountain motif printed on the headboard. This interlocking pattern is repeated on the mattress which is made of high quality polyurethane foam.

Two side windows and a third called Skyview, in its upper part, ensure good ventilation, while mosquito nets will make sleep pleasant.

With the high space provided by this tent, the side windows give the occupants a great vantage point to view the surrounding forest, mountains and lakes while, in good weather, the top window offers a panoramic view of the night sky.

This roof tent is attached before leaving the bars arranged for the transport system of the roof of the car. It can also be secured by adding an anti-theft device.

Quick and easy installation

After arriving at the camp, the tent is set up for a short time. First, two lockable safety tabs are placed and then the hard shell is lifted slightly. Then, thanks to two compressed gas shock absorbers, it pops up. The base leg section can then be unfolded and secured using the telescopic ladder attached to the set. Making and unfolding the tent using four spring rods completes the preparation.

This roof tent is now available in Online equipment catalog, which can be viewed on the Porsche website. It fits a wide range of Porsche products, from the 911 to the Taycan, Taycan Sport Turismo and Taycan Cross Turismo, not to mention the Macan, Cayenne and the Cayenne Coupe.

Not given!

In Europe, it is priced at €4,980 (about $6,500) and first deliveries are scheduled for November 2022.

The kit has many other features of this tent, including an inner liner for excellent thermal insulation, a warm blanket for cold nights, and convenient storage for shoes and bags.

Remember that the name Tequipment is a contraction of Technical Equipment. This is the name that Porsche gave in 1995 to the division that sells accessories used to customize its cars.

Photo: Porsche

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