The Southern Courier |  Cadillac is finally launching the 0,000 Celestiq

The Southern Courier | Cadillac is finally launching the $300,000 Celestiq

After weeks of little revelations, Cadillac has finally revealed the brand’s electric car future. This flagship, whose price will change around $300,000, will be the grandchild of the brand, which can compete with Rolls-Royce.

On the road next year

You will have understood that at this price, they will be rare. Although this model is still a concept car, Cadillac has confirmed that the production model will take place in 2023. Several design cues are carried over from the Lyriq EV, including a grille that lights up continuously at night. We see in the interesting style of fashion that marked the history of the brand in the 50s and 60s.

The most interesting interior

The Celestiq is impressive with a large 55-inch horizontal screen, which rivals the Mercedes EQS screen at 56 inches, but offers more screen real estate. Cadillac says the 55-inch screen allows passengers to view video content through a new electronic shield feature, which blocks the driver’s view of it. That’s not the only screen, as there also appears to be a screen in the console, door-mounted screens for the backup cameras, a screen in the rear console, and two screens in the rear seats previously.

The screen is just the beginning

Cadillac announced a few other game-changing tech features, such as a smart glass roof. It is equipped with particle suspension (SPD), which makes it possible to create four zones of variable lighting. We don’t have details on the charging lineup, we do know it will be based on the Ultium system and should offer better service than anything GM has done so far and better than anything out there considering the bill you’ll have to pay.

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