The seven-seater Hyundai Grand Creta is arriving in South Africa and has a chance to come to Brazil  Market

The seven-seater Hyundai Grand Creta is arriving in South Africa and has a chance to come to Brazil Market

The SUV is built on the K2 platform, which it was lengthened and received a large rear section to accommodate additional seats. It is different from the GB architecture of our Crete, but it can go through the same modifications and be bigger.

The Hyundai Grand Creta has more traditional headlights compared to the five-seater model – Photo: Disclosure

THE the front is the same as the national style, with different small details, such as the bumper, fog lights and grille design. At the back, the changes are more visible, with a new bumper, trunk lid and one-piece taillights, less complicated than the national Crete division set.

In South Africa or SUV engine options will be a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 156 hp and 19.5 kgfm. (same as the one preparing the Ultimate version here), with a 1.5 turbodiesel with 113 hp and 25.5 kgfm. Both have a six-speed manual gearbox, but can be fitted with a six-speed automatic gearbox. Tension is always ahead.

The Elite Edition has a 10.2-inch instrument panel – Image: The Solution

In the equipment list of the entry version of the Executive there is a rear camera, a multimedia center with an 8″ screen compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, LED lights and 17-inch wheels. 2″ and 18″ wheels.

In terms of size, Grand Crete is just two inches longer than the five-seat model and has 1.5 cm more in the distance between the axles.

The SUV grew just 2 cm in length and 1.5 cm in wheelbase to accommodate the extra seats – Photo: Disclosure

And the third row of seats in use, the trunk is 180 liters (the five-seat version holds 431 l). With folded seats, this measure reaches 1,670 l. The price of the model in South Africa is equivalent to US$ 30,800, or approximately R$ 147,500.

By sharing many pieces with Crete, there is a Great expectations that the Chief Crete manufactured in Piracicaba (SP). The model may come to the market in Brazil with the power to fight the Caoa Chery Tiggo 8 and Jeep Commander, but there is currently no confirmation about its launch in the country.

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