The São João pharmacy chain opens a third store in Sarandi

The São João pharmacy chain opens a third store in Sarandi

Photo: Milton Luiz/Maringá FM

The new province of Sarandi has, as of this Friday, the 29th, the services of the Pharmacy Network of São João, which opens the third unit in the city. From now on, residents of Jardim Independência II and the surrounding neighborhoods will have access to a variety of products and services offered by Chain, which has invested heavily in expanding Paraná.

According to the company, the store was planned to take place in one of the main intersections in Sarandi, at the request of the population, to meet the needs in the region. The location chosen was Avenida Brasil, 936, in one of the main neighborhoods of the city.

The opening is another step in the expansion of Paraná, the state chosen by the company to receive a major investment from the chain, which with more than 900 stores throughout the country has already established itself as the 4th largest pharmaceutical retail chain in Brazil.

“The company invests a lot not only in Maringá, but also in the neighboring cities and in the entire northern region of Paraná. We from the São João Pharmacy network saw the potential that Paraná has and what attracts our attention is how successful the cities are, they stimulate growth, the development index of each town… So we could not be left out”, said the district coordinator of the São João Pharmacies Network, Rodrigo Ferreira.

The results, according to him, have been satisfactory, which motivates the company to invest more and more in the government. “In the northern region of Paraná, between Maringá and Londrina, we have almost 40 stores open. We know that there are companies in the same area that already offer good services, but São João also comes to serve the population. We have a reputation for large stores, with parking, various products, our own suppliers and cooperation with large factories, many services, competitive prices”, he emphasized.

During the opening ceremony in Sarandi, the founder and president of Rede de Farmácias São João, Pedro Henrique Kappaun Brair, emphasized that the performance in Paraná also directly affects the economy of the state, since the opening of new units affects the creation of jobs. and generate income. “Every time we open a store, that we offer more jobs, more income, it’s fun. There is only one way to have social justice: with employment, work and income. And that’s what we do in Paraná, [especialmente] in the city of Sarandi”, he said.

Photo: Milton Luiz/Maringá FM

Quality products and ease of service

The new pharmacy has a wide range of medicines and cosmetics, as well as beauty and convenience products. For added convenience, customers can access free Wi-Fi, delivery service and parking. For easy payments, the pharmacy also has Easy Credit São João, its installment plan for up to 6 installments.

The unit’s clients also have a variety of medical services available, such as injections, blood pressure and glucose testing, rapid tests for the detection of covid-19 and ear piercing.

Especially this Friday, the unit welcomes the public with special opening offers. The first two hundred customers who make a purchase over BRL 100 will get an instant BRL 25 cashback.

Photo: Milton Luiz/Maringá FM

Thinking about providing more comfort to consumers, Rede de Farmácias São João developed a customer service application. In the São João application, with all the products available on the Internet, the user will find exclusive offers and options to buy and collect in store, receive at home, and find the nearest branch.

The new Sarandi da Rede unit will work with extended hours, from Monday to Saturday from 7:30 am to 11:00 pm, and on Sundays and holidays from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. Also, those who prefer to shop online, just access the website ( or download the Farmácias São João app.