The Rimac Group with Bugatti, is now official

The Rimac Group with Bugatti, is now official

The electric turn that Bugatti has to take was made official recently with the creation of the Rimac Group. A small Croatian manufacturer wants to become a major global player in auto parts, batteries and engine add-ons.

The planets seem to line up like pins for Bugatti, which recently announced the closure of Chiron orders. All production is now isolated. It will end in 2024, when all Chirons and other Bolides will be produced and released. At the same time, we will have to prepare the next generation, which will definitely be electric! Even if Bugatti remains very discreet about the sequence of events, it seems reasonable that the brand is taking advantage of recent events to implement its electric revolution.

Rimac Group, Croatian expertise

Rimac was known until now for its flagship electric car, but also for its major agreements with major manufacturers. Especially Porsche, which has concluded a major agreement: the creation of a new joint venture, which includes Rimac … and Bugatti.

The Rimac Group was thus born. The latter shares a prestigious joint venture with Porsche with respective capital of 55 and 45%. So the Croatian businessman becomes the main shareholder of the company that includes Bugatti, the Rimac brand, but also the Rimac Technologies entity (in charge of technology development) . And if the Molsheim crew may still be worried about their future, Porsche wanted to reassure them recently by confirming that they will all be part of Bugatti’s future.

Since January 1, Rimac Group has been active and preparing for this bright future. For Bugatti, it will still be a question of convincing the Chiron and Bolide buyers that the electrification in all its forms (hybrid or electric) is as powerful as the W16 alone. However, will customers be willing to pay several million euros for batteries and motors?

Rimac has made a name for itself with its large electric vehicles with incredible performance…© Julien Tomorrow

Although the research and development behind these technologies is as expensive and important as for the combustion engine, in the event of an electric switch, the loss of “sound” will have to be compensated one way or another by Rimac and Bugatti. For this, the Alsatian technician can rely on the already great expertise of Rimac (its batteries show exceptional performance, in charge and discharge, etc.), which intends to distribute, by the end of the decade, several hundreds of thousands of devices. (batteries, motors, but also software) for major manufacturers. Rimac also plans to open a new R&D campus in Zagred, with 2,500 employees on site working on the future of electric luxury.

Currently, Rimac already has Aston Martin, Koenigsegg and the Hyundai group among its customers. The list should grow logically in the coming years, but let’s hope Bugatti that future models will keep special and unique ingredients…

Posted on 01/19/2022 Updated 01/19/2022