The report states that a young man who was hit by a Land Rover in SP died of head injuries;  Justice overturned the arrest of the driver |  São Paulo

The report states that a young man who was hit by a Land Rover in SP died of head injuries; Justice overturned the arrest of the driver | São Paulo

The report from the Medical Legal Institute (IML) indicated that the cause of death of the 20-year-old man was severe head trauma when he left the parking lot in the South Zone of São Paulo. On Thursday (8), the Judge considered the temporary arrest of the driver of the Land Rover unnecessary, decided on precautionary measures and blocked R $ 200,000 in investigation accounts.

IML noted that the victim also had bruises on her legs and face. Rescuers tried first aid at the scene, but Fernando Palominio Zambori could not resist. A security camera recorded the accident.

The car of Gustavo dos Santos Soares was inspected on the afternoon of the 6th, at the Criminal Institute’s Center for the Expertise in Crimes Against People. The car did not have a license, but the license plate number was found on the passenger seat.

The document shows that the traffic safety systems, propulsion and braking are in good condition and storage. The expert considered that no elements related to the case were found, only plates in the position of “hitchhiker’s legs”.

‘Don’t worry, nothing happened’

On the night of the hit and run, a female passenger in the car provided a police report. According to the girl’s testimony, the driver was drinking whiskey before agreeing to be transported home.

When the two were in the parking lot, Gustavo asked the boys who were selling candy to talk to the other driver to get the car out of the way.

According to his description, Gustavo said to the person outside the car: “I ask humbly”. Then the boy, who would be Fernando Palominio Zambori, asked if Gustavo’s car would not pass through the space.

Enraged, the driver allegedly accelerated and hit the victim before fleeing the scene. The witness did not say whether it was with the intention of jumping over or scaring the pedestrian. After that, the driver asked the candy sellers and they said that “I only broke one leg”.

Yet according to the young woman, frightened by the situation, she said: “Are you crazy?” Gustavo would reply: “Don’t worry, nothing happened. He just broke the boy’s leg.”

A Land Rover driver has hit and killed a young woman after a nightclub brawl

The court even ordered the temporary arrest of Gustavo, but the decision of Judge Roberto Zanichelli Cintra, on Thursday (8), annulled it. The suspect hired a lawyer and promised to cooperate with the investigation, such as delivering the vehicle involved to the police station.

The judge changed the arrest warrant and took precautionary measures. Now, the driver will not be able to leave the city of São Paulo for more than 8 days or change the address without notifying the Justice, will not approach the witnesses and update the contact.

“Gustavo cooperates with the investigation, he even contributed to the delivery of the car to the police authorities and at this stage he will be brought before the Judge and other actions that he has been summoned”, said the defense of Gustavo dos Santos Soares, note..

Gustavo dos Santos Soares (left), accused of running and killing Fernando Palominio Zambori (right), after an argument in Itaim Bibi, August 13, 2022. — Photo: Reproduction

Gustavo, 28, withdrew all the money from the bank account two days after the crime, according to the account of one of the witnesses and a bank employee to the police.

At that time, he contacted and asked for the cancellation of all the money spent immediately.. Since it was a big deal, the subject told him that he should have warned him about the procedure in advance.

However, he replied that a business opportunity had arisen for the purchase of an apartment and that he could not go to the agency, due to the alleged trip to Paraguay. The money was transferred by him to another checking account.

The case was initially investigated by the 27th Police District, but was referred to the 96th Deputy. Gustavo dos Santos already he had a history with the police for theft, burglary and theft.

According to the police report, a friend of the victim told the police that he was leaving the parking lot with the victim Fernando Palominio Zambori, when the driver of the Land Rover Velar, which did not have a plate and was behind their car. , he started to annoy them.

The friend reported that he removed the car and parked it on the other side of the road. Later, Fernando got down to talk to the driver, when he was hit. A security camera recorded the shooting. (see below).

On the phone, Fernando’s sister told them TV Globo that he was a calm and caring person. “I came home every day. I always went out with friends. Life was normal. There was nothing normal.”

Gustavo dos Santos Soares was identified by the police after the manager of the nightclub released security camera footage.

A family post about the death of Fernando Palominio Zambor. — Image: Reproduction