The record fails in planning, and the date of the final chapter of Genesis becomes a mystery to TV News

The record fails in planning, and the date of the final chapter of Genesis becomes a mystery to TV News

The date of the last chapter of GenesisIt became a big secret in the Record. With no prior plans, the network realized that ending the plot in November is not a good plan. Now, he is trying to prevent the final episode from airing on the 16th, against the coverage of the game between Brazil x Argentina on Globo. The plan is to air the finale last Friday, the 12th.

The problem is that the date is considered wrong. Record often does not end soap shows on Fridays, as Globo does. The 12th brings the biggest reason for exaggeration: it is the “departure” of the long holiday of the Proclamation of the Republic, on November 15.

O TV news found out that Record’s idea was to close Genesis on Monday, a day that traditionally has the most viewers. That way, it will be easy to beat the record — which will be good for strengthening the success of the biblical novel.

But there are no attractive date options. On the 8th, the premieres of Globo Um Lugar do Sol and Records will make the longest chapter of the Christian series to prevent its competitor; the 15th is a holiday. Getting to November 22 will be difficult, due to the lack of release material.

According to the executives, the perfect day will be Wednesday, the 17th. But, while pondering this issue, the channel realized that Globo will not broadcast the Brazilian championship on this day, since it will have a game of the Brazilian National Team. the day before. Against the Copa do Brasil last week, on Wednesday, the telenovela did well and reached the peak of 17 points in São Paulo.

Record does not want Genesis against selection

The airing of the final chapter on the 16th was also interrupted. After all, there is no way to do well in Ibope against Brazil against Argentina, the best national team soccer team. The match on Globo will start at 8:30 pm and will continue until 10:30 pm.

The date will be hammered out next week. The record needs to make a decision soon to start broadcasting its program – possibly from the 8th, in a clash with Globo’s unprecedented nine o’clock opera.

Today, the biggest opportunity is that the soap opera imitates Globo and ends on Friday. The problem focuses on the time of rebellion that the management of Records is going through with Cristiane Cardoso, the daughter of Edir Macedo, who is in charge of the drama. The lack of plans will also make the station repeat Os Dez Mandamentos (2015) once again, while the new Reis is being prepared for launch.