The Range Rover Evoque will be Land Rover’s first electric vehicle and may arrive in 2024  Secrets and Scams

The Range Rover Evoque will be Land Rover’s first electric vehicle and may arrive in 2024 Secrets and Scams

The launch was the new Range Rover (formerly Vogue). But Land Rover executives ended up releasing some interesting news. The next-generation Range Rover Evoque, the entry-level model of the British manufacturer’s luxury division, it could be the brand’s first electric car. and that must happen within two years.

When asked about the electric direction of Land Rover, one of the directors of the brand said that the electric version of the Evoque. “it means a lot”. Land Rover he promised six electric models from 2024.

O The Evoque may be the first of themtake advantage of third generation release. Along with the overall improvement, the SUV will use the EMA platform, one of the three bases designed for electric models in the Jaguar Land Rover group.

THE the new platform will be shared with Discovery Sport and it will also suit plug-in hybrid variants, as, according to the brand, it can carry a “compact internal combustion engine”. Currently, the The Evoque has a hybrid version which combines a 1.5 turbo engine with an electric motor, producing 309 hp and allowing an electric range of 62 km.

Range Rover Evoque Hybrid — Photo: Disclosure

According to Land Rover, with a new base, the Electric SUVs will be able to provide 92% efficiency., allowing the model to use 6.4 to 7.2 kilometers per kWh of battery. This means that, using a 75 kWh battery, usually in electric cars of this size, the the average distance can be around 500 km.

But the size of the battery is still an open question. The fact is that the Evoque will be part of a electrical model family from Land Rover. The Range Rover itself, recently launched and confirmed to arrive in Brazil in the coming months, will have an electric version in 2024.

Land Rover Range Rover will have an electric version from 2024 – Image: Disclosure

Because it is big and heavy, the Range Rover will use a different platform. Call of MLA Flex, was launched alongside the fifth-generation SUV late last year. Although not designed exclusively for electric vehicles, supports electric powered versions.

In the case of the Range Rover, The final weight is a matter of consideration. After all, the version with a V8 gasoline engine already has more than 2,500 kg without any battery pack. On the other hand, a height of more than 5 meters can allow the installation of solid set on the floor – ensure good freedom.

The platform of the new Land Rover Range Rover is already prepared for an electric version – Image: Disclosure

Why is the Range Rover Evoque so successful?

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