The R$ 1.3 million sedan exaggerates in performance and price

The R$ 1.3 million sedan exaggerates in performance and price

Until recently, Mercedes-Benz was shy when it came to electric cars. While compatriots (and arch-rivals) Audi and BMW were rapidly expanding the range of electric vehicles, the brand was lagging behind – including in Brazil.

But now it seems like the game is turning. Immediately, Mercedes decided to launch no less than four 100% electric cars here. The first of them has just come out: it is the EQS, a large sedan that brings together everything that is the most modern in the company’s current product range and even new features that debut in the model.

UOL cars he had the first contact with new things, which was limited to a detailed presentation of the product and a very short test trial in the streets of one of the high-end neighborhoods in São Paulo (SP). However, the EQS was able to attract attention for two reasons: the embedded technology and performance.

better sports performance

The estimated range is more than 500 km

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The EQS is powered by two identical electric motors (one on each axle), which together produce 658 hp and an instant torque of 96.9 Nm. The brand reports acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 220 km/h, electronically limited. The 107.8 kWh battery is the largest of all electric cars sold in Brazil, while the range varies between 526 and 580 km. Mercedes claims that the batteries can charge from 10% to 80% in just 31 minutes at a fast station. If time is tight, 19 minutes is enough to get up to 300 kilometers of freedom.

The manufacturer offers an extensive list of options that includes 33 items, ranging from 22-inch alloy wheels to the AMG Dynamic Plus package, which increases the performance figures of the EQS. With it, the sedan reaches 761 hp and 104 kgfm, which makes the model go from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.4 if it reaches a maximum speed of 250 km / h.

a movie thing

EQS 3 - Solution - Solution

Even the sound produced by EQS sounds like it came from a fictional movie.

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If you are not a big fan of numbers (like me), know that, in practice, all this leads to brutal speed. What? you know those plane scenes that follow in science fiction movies, like the “Star Wars” saga?

That’s how you feel when you step on the EQS gas pedal, especially in sportier mode. The launch control unleashes nearly 100kg of torque in one go and is packed with a sound tailor-made for the occasion – and which I won’t describe too much for lack of words to describe it as for the sake of not spoiling it.

Either way, it was the same feeling I felt when I drove the Porsche Taycan for the first time. In time: the sedan of the rival brand is technically tied with the EQS, producing the same 761 hp, but with 107 kgfm of torque. It takes advantage of acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h, which is accomplished in 2.8 seconds.

But behind the Mercedes, the lack of ridiculous snoring is actually the absence of more emotion in the EQS, which carries the AMG brand. As I mentioned above, the company’s engineers were concerned with creating a unique fast loading experience. It is, however laudable the effort, will never be like a combustion-powered AMG. Be patient.

Without the transmission, fins behind the steering wheel serve to control the size of the energy recovery system. Depending on the selected mode, the vehicle can come to a complete stop without the driver stepping on the brake pedal. In addition to making driving easier, this helps to restore lost freedom in certain situations.

cabin of the future

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The interior has three screens and an Octa-Core processor

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It’s hard not to be drawn into EQS. The sedan has the Hyperscreen concept, which has three impressive screens on the instrument panel. One of them, 12.8 inches, shows basic information to the driver, including speedometer and tachometer. In the center console, there is another larger screen, 17.7 inches, for the multimedia center. And finally there is a third screen in front of the passenger seat.

Both have OLED technology and Gorilla Glass to resist possible impacts. As for the MBUX entertainment system, it has an Octa-Core processor and 24 GB of RAM. Some features are interesting, such as the 3D graphics of the GPS system, which even renders the architecture of the buildings.

In maneuvers, the rear steering axle is able to turn the rear wheels in the opposite direction to the front wheels up to 10 degrees. This makes the sedan very easy to drive, despite being more than five meters long.

tram flood

EQA - Disclosure - Disclosure

EQA will be one of the brand’s first exhibitions in 2022

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As I mentioned at the beginning of this text, the EQS is only the first of the 100% electric launches that Mercedes-Benz will promote in Brazil. After that, the EQA, the electric variant of the GLA, still arrives; The EQB, which is based on the GLB and is distinguished by having seven seats; and the EQE, a midsize sedan comparable to the E-Class. All will start in 2022.

The attack is part of the global initiative Ambition 2039, which aims to offer a full range of electric products before 2040, the deadline set by authorities in many countries around the world for the end of cars with combustion engines.

Therefore, the manufacturer has already said that it intends to strengthen its entire portfolio of cars “where possible”. This should not happen in countries like Brazil, where there is still no official deadline for the withdrawal of ethanol, gasoline and diesel engines. In these cases, Mercedes-Benz has said that it will offer combustion-powered models as long as there is demand for them.

Repair of stores

Mercedes-Benz will make changes to its dealer network. Of the 51 dealers currently operating, 13 of them will be able to sell the EQ range in eight cities across the country: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Vitória, Curitiba, Florianópolis, Brasília, Porto Alegre and Belo Horizonte.

In addition, 11 traders follow a marketing model called MAR20X. It is a set of measures (including visual communication and design, to name two examples) designed to provide a better user experience. This concept is adopted in passenger car and van stores, and the goal is for all 51 car dealerships to be redesigned.