The Queen loved Land Rovers and owned a million Bentley

The Queen loved Land Rovers and owned a $20million Bentley

After reigning for nearly 7 decades, Queen Elizabeth II was often photographed being taken on royal errands, and the vehicle in which she was often seen traveling was the Bentley State limousine. . Each royal carriage was specially made so that the Queen could sit inside wearing a hat without bending over. This explains why the roof of his company’s cars was always high.

A 10 million pound Bentley

In 2002, as part of the celebration of his 50 years on the throne, Bentley built two units of a very special model, worthy of a head of state. This bespoke model is used to transport Elizabeth II safely. It is powered by a 6.75-liter twin-turbo V8, modified from the Arnage R, which develops 400 horsepower. To protect its occupants, the body and windows of the state limousine are reinforced, while the cabin is explosion-proof and can be closed in the event of an attack. gas or chemicals. Even the tires are reinforced with Kevlar so that the car can continue at high speed in an emergency. Each car is worth 20 million dollars.

It is specially designed

The position of the rear seats was determined using a template that was the same size as the Queen, while the bag storage was designed according to the dimensions of the Queen’s favorite bags. British textile manufacturer, Hield Brothers made the lambswool fabric used for the rear seat upholstery, with the rest of the upholstery being done in Bentley’s light gray Connolly leather.

The Queen did not have a driver’s license

That’s not to say the Queen has no driving experience. During the Second World War, Princess Elizabeth served voluntarily in the women’s branch of the British Army, the Auxiliary Field Service. During that time, he trained as a driver and mechanic by changing tires and repairing large vehicles used by the military.

He drives hunting Land Rovers

Throughout his life, the king owned about thirty Land Rover Defenders. He once mentioned that his favorite model was a 2002 Defender 110 with a TD5 diesel engine, raised suspension and heated seats, which was frequently used for hunting parties. Another car from the same company that the Queen was photographed driving around was a Range Rover, one of which had a personal mascot on the bonnet of a Labrador with a pheasant in its mouth. There was also a Range Rover LWB Landaulet with a pop-up roof that allowed the Queen to stand and wave to the crowd.

Other company cars

British brands have undoubtedly held the upper hand in the royal family’s car collection. Besides Bentley and Land Rover models, the firm also includes a few Rolls-Royce models. The Queen and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, owned several generations of Phantoms, from Series IV to Series VI, representing a departure from the Daimler-era cars used by monarchs before her. Other private cars used by the Queen include Jaguar X-Type Estate and Daimler V8 Super LWB, Rover P5B and Vauxhall Cresta Estate, Bentayga, to name but a few. Queen Elizabeth II will be replaced by her eldest son and the former Prince of Wales, who is now King Charles III who is a fan of the Aston Martin brand. Among other things, he converted the DB6 he had owned for many years into an electric model.

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