The prototype Y developed in Berlin during the test phase will not be discarded

The prototype Y developed in Berlin during the test phase will not be discarded

Finally, the German authorities accepted Tesla’s request to put models from the initial production on the market.

Berlin Giga Factory. Tesla loan

The opening of its Gigafactory site in Berlin will not be easy. Since the start of the project in 2020, Tesla has had to face a lot of opposition from environmental organizations that blamed it for the destruction of 300 hectares of forests and then endangering protected species of lizards and snakes.

Recently, we learned that several Model Ys assembled at this plant but made in Shanghai developed engine faults.

But the horizon began to brighten for Tesla with the announcement last March that production could finally begin at the Gigafactory in Berlin at a rate of 1,000 cars a week.

The 2,000 electric cars being produced will not go to waste

Another good news for electric car manufacturers, Brandenburg’s state environmental office has given its approval for vehicles produced during the test phase to finally go on sale.

Tesla had begun production of its Model Y with a preliminary approval allowing it to produce up to 2,000 vehicles for testing. But these cars were only to be used internally for testing or scrapped.

Ultimately, as long as the cars are of good quality, Tesla will be able to put them on the market. This approval would be granted sooner than expected for Tesla’s legal action, which would have said that the approval obtained in March rendered other actions futile.

Although some opposition has pointed out that Tesla does not fully comply with regulatory procedures, it would be resentful for the government to force the removal of 2,000 vehicles that should be sold. Not much ecological damage.

A bright spot for Tesla, which faces serious production problems and has to wait more than a year to deliver a car to those who request it.