The proposal works with a fear vaccine, says Dodge, on the Revenge PEC

The proposal works with a fear vaccine, says Dodge, on the Revenge PEC

Photo: Marcos Oliveira/Agência Senado

The former Attorney General of the Republic, Raquel Dodge (photo), defended this Tuesday (19) the rejection of the Revenge PEC. Dodge participated in live with singer Daniela and prosecutor Ivana Farina, member of the National Council of Justice (CNJ). In an online meeting, they discussed the importance of an independent and independent Public Ministry.

“We are living in a difficult time. This PEC wants drastic changes. It is not a PEC that is of interest to the Ministry of Public Affairs. It attracts the community. A member of parliament defends the community and it is important that they know that the member of parliament was born with the Constitution that establishes democracy and protection”. said Dodge.

According to Raquel, the institution needs to work without fear, without fear of confronting the powerful, those who want to take advantage of the population.

“Democracy comes from the work of a member of parliament who works to ensure justice without fear. pec wants to weaken the MP by taking political control. It is not a good thing for the parliamentarian, but it is worse for the society. Our society is made up of different groups and we need the principles of living together to be created by an institution that works without fear”. he said.

For Dodge, exploring the powerful after the Constitution began to pay off. “Powerful people who are involved in activities against the environment, drug trade, personal activities are suppressing freedom. The MP started to prevent these actions because we are sure that no one is pushing us. The powerful feel the fear of weakness. This is the danger of PEC 5, to weaken”, say.

The former PGR also said that the proposal works with a fear vaccine for the MP. “In honor of the Member of Parliament, Minister Celso de Mello, in my farewell to the PGR, said prophetically: The Member of Parliament does not serve the government, people, ideological groups. He does not serve political parties and is not under the authority of all forces and does not serve desires. He needs freedom.” he said.

Dodge also said that it is important to strengthen the dialogue and the PEC is not an appropriate solution. “I prefer to punish members who misbehave, with excessive force, but we do not need PEC. This undermines the credibility of the institution. We have a code of conduct and it demands faultless conduct, it demands consistent posture, respect, the law that punishes the festival. And the law of administrative corruption punishes We have 14,000 members and more MPs were punished than judges, for example.

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