The producers of the Bonnie & Clyde musical are looking for a show club to target the Ford V8 107 times

The producers of the Bonnie & Clyde musical are looking for a show club to target the Ford V8 107 times

Adriana Del Claro, Beto Sargentelli and Eline Porto. Photo: Paulo Cibin

of music Bonnie & Clydesuccess in Broadway (NY) and it is not West End (London), arrives in Brazil in the first half of 2023 – occupying the 033 Rooftop of the Teatro Santander. A criminal couple who became famous during America’s great depression will be played by Beto Sargentelli and Eline Porto.

One of the challenges of the production of the musical was to find a Ford V8 carcass for the construction of the replica – which should be shown in the theater. The truth is that Clyde was very fond of this style of car. “We looked for a workshop in the country and we found a carcass in Curitiba”, says producer and actress Adriana Del Claro. “It was difficult to find it, but apparently the car was waiting for us to find it. Strangely, he even had bullet marks,” he added. To celebrate the discovery, part of the team went to Curitiba to take pictures with the V8.

The famous photos that Bonnie and Clyde took while on the run from the authorities (always in a V8) have become a reference and inspiration for books and Hollywood movies.

Now, production is looking for a shooting club so the V8 is shot 107 times – the number of rounds that hit a similar car in May 1934, when Bonnie and Clyde were cornered and killed by the police.

Skank, Cirque Du Soleil, Ana Botafogo and João Carlos Martins are participating in SAP Sapphire

SAP Sapphire São Paulo takes place on Friday at the Bienal Pavilion in Ibirapuera Park. With discussions and lectures on the intersection of art and technology, participants will have the opportunity to observe Cirque Du Soleil specially designed for the occasion. Ballerina Ana Botafogo will join the great João Carlos Martins in the show and, to close, the band Skank will play their greatest hits.

The Bolshoi School brings ‘Balé Giselle’ to SP

Theater School Bolshoi in Brazil presents Balé Giselle, on 10 and 11 September at Teatro Alfa. The program is part of the theater’s dance season. To play the main characters of the ballet, Giselle and Albrecht, two dancers who have won one of the biggest dance competitions in the world, the Moscow Championship, Amanda Gomes and Wagner Carvalho. First Dancers of the Kazan Opera join the 80 Bolshoi cast.


ENTREPRENEURS. The second edition of Consig Summit 2022 will be held today and tomorrow at Expo Center Norte. The event brings together entrepreneurs and internet celebrities, such as Bianca Andrade (Boca Rosa), André Fernandes, Joel Jota, Caio Carneiro, Carol Paiffer, Felipe Titto and Ivan More.

VIRTUAL.In 2022, the Virtual University of the State of São Paulo (Univesp) has already graduated the largest number of students in its history. There are already 5,058 graduates in courses such as Engineering and Teaching, a number that is 180% higher than in 2021, when 1,802 students graduated.

NEGRON WEEK. Next Monday begins Negroni Week. More than 90 bars from SP, RJ, Paraná and Santa Catarina participate in the week dedicated to the festival.