The popular Lexus RX now has 3 hybrid options with a nice new look

The popular Lexus RX now has 3 hybrid options with a nice new look

The Lexus RX is quietly one of America’s most popular and important cars. It is the best-selling product of ToyotaTM,
The division of luxury year after year and one of the five best cars buyers of luxury cars are more likely to consider. Its balance between stable driving experience and reliable resale value is similar. Lexus should not change too much.

But it is time to rethink. The 2022 RX is based on the 2015 model. Drivers’ tastes have changed over the past eight years, with new technologies and more expensive gasoline changing our expectations of our cars.

Can Lexus retain the features that make RX the right answer for most buyers and update it to keep it relevant for another eight years?

Enter the 2023 Lexus RX, with new hybrid trains, new cabinet technology and similar reliability features that helped the old RX conquer the luxury SUV market.

It will go on sale until the end of the year. We expect to know the price around that date. The current RX starts at $ 46,995 and goes up to over $ 60,000 with full equipment.

Good progress

The 2023 RX shares a platform with a small Lexus NX and a Toyota RAV4. They are cheap SUVs, which can make you wonder if the new RX will feel as refined as it should be. But Toyota has long made many cars from a few platforms with great success. The new architecture is lighter than the old one, which can even make the driving experience more responsive.

It is also low – very low that we might be tempted to call the RX wagon if car manufacturers did not need to sell as many cars as SUVs these days.

2023 RX preserves the theme of the cross structure in which the style is known. But the designers have updated the look with a more sophisticated cap and a floating roof design thanks to the dark C-column that reaches to the rear lights. If you look, you will find that the Lexus branded grille has disappeared. It is a large black trapezoid here, with dimples on the painted paper overlapping the upper part of the old main glass.

2023 Lexus RX


Four power vessels, three hybrids

Buyers can choose from four power trains, none of which have V-6 engines that have been the mainstay of the Lexus range for a long time.

Instead, the new RX 350-based engine is a 275-hp, 2.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder. It transmits power through an 8-speed automatic transmission to the front wheels, and a full-wheel drive is available.

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The RX 350h gets 4 2.5 liter cylinders connected to a hybrid system and undergoes continuous variable transmission (CVT). This configuration is ideal for 246 horsepower.

The RX 450h + plug-in hybrid is on its way. But Lexus says “car details for the US market will be shared later.”

At the top of the list, a new RX 500h F Performance Edition will be available for every device in the Lexus wallet. It combines 350’s turbocharged 4-cylinder with a pair of electric motors – one for the axle – passing through a sport-tuned 6-speed automatic transmission. That is enough for 367 horsepower while managing 26 mpg in joint running.

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Updated cabinet, security technology

The interior is a new look for Lexus. Instead of a screen being attached to the dash surface, it looks like a display of a drive device with a touch screen in the middle of the 14-inch floating on the dash. The light behind them enhances the effect.

Of course, since this is a Lexus, the leather sets the seats and dashboard. But the designers put the door panels in a cotton-like material, thus creating more visual depth than we were accustomed to with Lexus products. It’s a beautiful shape.

Like the brand new NX, the interior door laths are not light at all. What Lexus calls an “electronic lock” opens the door with just a touch, but engineers have created a duplicate technical copy in case of an emergency.

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The Lexus 3.0 Security System driver support set is standard. Includes automatic emergency braking for pedestrian and motorcycle identification, flexible maritime navigation controls that change speed when turning a corner, departure notice and route assistance assistance. The automatic parking layout now addresses the back and front parking tricks.

Continue to receive pricing information and our impression of running the brand new Lexus RX 2023 as it launches later this year.

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