The Polo track will be the new Gol, but with a turbo

The Polo track will be the new Gol, but with a turbo

Mende became an icon like a jack of all trades. It was followed by another Volkswagen car, Gol, and Fiat, Mile. The Italian has already left the market and now 2022 is Gol’s turn.


It is durable, reliable, sells well, but should give way to more modern cars. And in this case, the Gol will be replaced by a special edition Polo.

Polo song. If some spices are removed, the price will be almost in the same range as Gol, today.

Its cheaper version will have the original 1.0-liter engine with 77 hp. But fans of the late Up! The TSI will also have this three-cylinder turbo engine 1.0, which made 105 hp in the Up!, but can reach 116 hp in the Polo Track. The prototype has already been spotted testing in the interior of the SP.

Photo: Marlos Ney Vidal | Mystery Cars

Improvement of the Taubaté factory

To produce the new version of the Polo, Volkswagen is investing in the Taubaté (SP) plant. The factory received 80 new robots allowing a 33% increase in production capacity. Trifocal laser welding equipment was also purchased. Therefore, cars with the MQB platform can be produced there.

Sorry to participate in the controversy

In May of this year, polo was involved in a controversy: a commercial for Volkswagen Polo started running through WhatsApp groups, accompanied by a voice message recorded by an unknown person. The video is an advertisement for 2021 where the hatch is accompanied by a same-sex couple; the accompanying voice criticizes this ad.

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