The Polestar 5 electric four-door takes shape

The Polestar 5 electric four-door takes shape

Polestar is giving the world a preview of its next electric performance sedan that will wear the No. 5 when it debuts in 2024. First previewed by the Precept concept earlier this year, the four-door GT is still in development, so this week’s teaser image is different. in a number of subtle ways, focusing more on the retro profile while leaving the Precept concept’s door-to-sacrifice layout.

The automaker has also released the third part of a short documentary series about the design process of this electric car.which will cover, among others, the Mercedes-Benz EQS and the Porsche Taycan, when it goes on sale.

What? how close is it to the production version?

On the one hand, we are not far from the final product, but on the other hand, 2024 is some time away. In that time, we will see the first Polestar 3 SUV, next year in fact, and another Polestar model in 2023.

Below is a video that presents this concept:

That’s when we’ll see the Polestar 5 in the metal, at a time when the brand should have a much bigger retail presence than it does now.

No details were disclosed

It might still be a little early to talk about possible specs, but we have a feeling we’ll see a larger battery than the one currently offered by the Polestar 2, which offers 78kWh. A twin-engine setup is more likely than what the competition currently offers, with the 2024 prospect doing more than 300 miles on a single charge.

The luxury electric sedan market of 2024 will also be more crowded than it is today, with a number of new entries this year alone from electric car startups like Lucid and long-established manufacturers like Audi.