The pocket-sized Jeep of 2024 – L’annuel de l’automobile

The pocket-sized Jeep of 2024 – L’annuel de l’automobile

Stellantis is planning a subcompact Jeep that will sit under the Renegade by 2024. The new subcompact SUV was previewed in March and is confirmed to launch in the first half of 2023, which means we could see it arrive at dealerships as a 2024 model.

There is no official name yet

The name hasn’t been announced, but Jeepster rumors have circulated in the past.
The prototype is intended for an internal combustion engine model, but Jeep has confirmed that an electric model is also planned. Jeep is taking electrification seriously and plans to offer an electric option across its range as early as 2025.

Similar examples elsewhere

This small Jeep will be based on CMP’s Stellantis platform and will be joined by similar models from Alfa Romeo and Fiat. The CMP platform is designed for small cars and is currently available in European models such as the Opel Mokka, which offers an electric version with a 50 kilowatt-hour battery and a single 136 horsepower engine, we can see increased performance in the planned Jeep. and Alfa Romeo.

Alfa Romeo Brennero

Alfa Romeo is said to be called the Brennero and will be released in 2024. Fiat may replace the 500X. All three models are expected to be built at the factory in Tychy, Poland. For other electric vehicles, Jeep will use special Stellantis platforms with partial or full electric power.

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