The Nissan X-Trail is back with the ePower hybrid engine

The Nissan X-Trail is back with the ePower hybrid engine

The fourth generation X-Trail is finally arriving in Europe. It is powered by the e-Power system, where the petrol unit acts as a generator.

The new X-Trail was launched in mid-2020 in the United States (under the name Rogue). Here it is finally ready to arrive in Europe! The benefit of this long wait: with us, this fourth generation offers from the start an e-Power hybrid engine, the most suitable in a category where non-electric cars are now burdened with punishment.

As for the little brother Qashqai, so in the guts we have a hybrid thought by Nissan, very different from the one created by Renault for Austral. The reality here is that the electric motor, mounted at the front, is the only source of power for the wheels. So it is replaced by an electric range extender, which takes the form of a 1.5 turbo gasoline engine with a variable compression ratio. So the thermal barrier works in the best speed range, with the best efficiency.

2 or 4 wheels

The X-Trail is a little more muscular than the Qashqai, as the power goes from 190 to 204 hp, for the traction version. Because unlike its younger brother, the X-Trail offers a four-wheel drive version, still in e-Power. An additional electric brake is installed on the rear axle. The maximum cumulative power here is 213 hp. We get the e-Pedal system, which allows driving with only the accelerator pedal, activated when the brake is released.

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In terms of design, it is not surprising, since “our” X-Trail is similar to the Rogue, revealed two years ago. The model goes in style to look at the two floors, with the main lighting unit reduced to the shield, on each side of the large V grille. This is the original part of the design, which for some is quite modest. We believe the car is thought to be a North American first.

7 seats

It’s also quite modern inside, where some of the furniture is shared with the Qashqai. X-Trail, however, is entitled to a large central touch screen (12.3 inches). The real difference with the Qashqai is of course in the number of passengers on board. Thanks to the third row of seats, the X-Trail can accommodate 7 people. Nissan realizes, however, that these additional places should be reserved for people up to 1.60 meters tall. Once these folding seats are folded down, the trunk volume is 585 liters. Access to the central bench seat is facilitated by doors that open at around 90 °.

Among the driving equipment, we see ProPilot Assist and Navi-Link: it helps to drive the car on the road, which manages steering, acceleration and braking, with the ability to restart the car after a short stop and use navigation (for example, it will change . speed when approaching a bend).

Good point: Nissan won’t keep customers waiting any longer, the X-Trail is available to order now. The range starts at €42,700 for the 204hp Acenta e-Power version.