The Nissan leaf gets a little face lift every time it is welcomed

The Nissan leaf gets a little face lift every time it is welcomed

Four years after its launch, the Nissan Leaf goes through the adjustment box and changes its shape subtly. On the other hand, nothing changes on the technical side.

The current generation of Nissan Leaf has been on the list for four years now, completely redesigned in 2018 with detailed architecture, in contrast to the special and aging lines of the old version. An important development for the electric sedan that still achieved great success, while competition was still very rare at the time.

And for good reason, until December 2019, the Nissan Leaf was the best-selling model in the world, since its launch by the Tesla Model 3. seems to have no intention of removing it from its list for now. It is still a bit late, while Ariya is a bit late, Nissan therefore intends to keep its sedan longer.

Slightly lift the face

So he takes the opportunity to make a little adjustment, by giving it a few small touches that nonetheless remain subtle, he tells us. Within EVs. There are no major changes to the horizon for that, but the slightly modified grille, especially leaving the chrome V now replaced with black lacquered block. It also receives a new Nissan logo launched in 2020, slightly redesigned compared to the old one.

Not only that, because the list is also enhanced by two new styles of rims, 16 and 17 inches, benefiting from the new, very original design. The new body colors also expand the layers that have already been released, namely the blue inspiration and the blue Qashqai blue. The rest remains the same as the old version, while the interior does not change even one iota, setting its touch screen already updated some time ago, to integrate Apple CarPlay with Android Auto.

The mechanics have not changed

There is nothing new in terms of driving assistance technology, while the electronic sedan is updating its self-propelled ProPilot test system, which is available on the latest designs in the array. Under his hood, this new Nissan Leaf is unchanged, as it is still available in two versions of 150 or 217 horsepower, a controller connected to 40 and 62 kWh batteries, offering a range of up to 385 miles.

Available to order from March 1, this new Nissan Leaf has not yet announced its full price or first hand delivery date. However, it will cost 34,400 euros (excluding ecological bonus) for the entry level version.

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