The Nissan Ariya tram goes from north to south in a historic challenge – Época Negócios

The Nissan Ariya tram goes from north to south in a historic challenge – Época Negócios

Briton Chris Ramsey will drive the Nissan Ariya electric car (Image: Disclosure)

An expedition is planned for March 2023 to test the electric car to its maximum extent. Nissan Ariya. the british Chris Ramsey must leave the North Pole in an SUV to the South Pole, an estimated distance of 27 thousand kilometers, crossing three continents.

Named “Pole to Pole”, the trip is part of a climate change awareness project. With it, the organizers want to prove the efficiency of electric cars – as an alternative to those used by combustion.

The forecast is that, during the trip, the driver travels through 14 countries, and the temperature is between 30º and -30º. “Our mission is to show that electric vehicles can withstand the harshest environments, from the extreme cold of the poles to the hot and humid forests of South America,” said Ramsey, who has been venturing into this type of journey for ten years.

To make the car safer, Nissan has made several modifications, such as a special exterior layout, as well as updates to the wheels, tires and suspension. “We know it will be a good partner for Chris and his team,” says the Japanese manufacturer. Another reserve vehicle without modifications must accompany the route.

This may be the first time for a driver to go from one global extreme to another in a small car. Ramsey still plans to visit local community projects, especially those dealing with clean energy. The Icelandic company Arctic Trucks helps in planning a safe route and must provide logistical support during the trip.

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