The next PS5 console shows off its capabilities in a video

The next PS5 console shows off its capabilities in a video

The PS VR2 still doesn’t have an official release date, but Sony has stepped up communication around its next virtual reality device. After the first press conference, the manufacturer has released the first trailer for PS VR2!

Credits: Sony

As you know, PS VR 2 will have the difficult task of replacing the first PS VR title and providing a new gateway to virtual reality for PS5 owners. Officially released in February 2021, the cap has been talked about a few times. It wasn’t until CES 2022 that we got a real taste of the capabilities of Sony’s next-gen headset.

However, in mid-September 2022, the Japanese manufacturer held a new Game Mode set in part for upcoming PS VR2 games. And in the process, many journalists and famous youtubers were able to test PS VR2 for a few hours. An opportunity for them to share their first impressions of the device. And a lot to say at once, opinions agree and testers are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​wearing a hat again.

Sony unveils the 1st official PS VR2 trailer

And while Sony is still tight-lipped about revealing the official release date, currently set at 2023, the Japanese company continues to communicate about its future child. Indeed, Sony has just launched the first ever official PS VR2 trailer. With this short trailer, the idea is above all to remember the main attractions of PS VR2, which are:

  • 4K HDR support
  • the integration of eye tracking, a technology used to track the movements of the user’s eyes
  • Enhanced Rendering, which enhances image detail in the areas you’re looking at and blurs the rest (reduces CPU workload)
  • 110° field of vision for greater immersion
  • fingerprint recognition on the new Sense controllers, which allows for more in-game touch interaction
  • Tempest 3D audio support
  • haptic helmet feedback to create 3D vibrations directly at the helmet level
  • and of course, the integration of dynamic triggers and haptic feedback in Sense controls, always with the idea of ​​enhancing immersion.

Don’t miss it now only the official release date and price to satisfy all the users who wish to get PS VR2.