The next generation of Chrysler 300 will be electric

The next generation of Chrysler 300 will be electric

The concept of Chrysler Airflow | Photo: Stellantis

  • Chrysler has confirmed that the 300 name will be used on an upcoming electric car

  • This model should reach 2026

  • It will be built with an 800 volt architecture and should have a range of about 800 km.

Chrysler will replace 300 in 2026 with an electric car that will have the same name and share its platform with the Dodge electric sedan.

This means that the name 300, which has a long history at Chrysler, will change until the electric era and the current 300 will be changed after it was launched in 2005 and re-released for the last time in 2015.

The large sedan will provide a way for an electric car that will be built on a brand new platform that will support an 800-volt architecture with a capacity of over 100 kWh.

That should give the next 300 rows of approximately 805 miles and charging times faster than most EVs on the market today.

As of the current version, this upcoming EV is expected to share its support with the Dodge electric sedan, which could replace the Charger as a major family performance sedan.

Chrysler has already launched the Airflow Concept, a medium-sized SUV that would compete with the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Tesla Model Y. The production version of this concept is expected to arrive in 2025.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post, but since Airflow is due to arrive one year before 300, it is likely that it will be two different cars.

Chrysler has already announced that it will have 3 EVs by 2028, one of which will be a minivan and the other a crossover. If 300 will not be Airflow by any other name, that means it could remain a sedan.

Despite its small size, the layout of the three cars would be an improvement for Chrysler as the brand currently has only 300 people and a small Pacifica car to offer (Grand Caravan is an unpublished version of Pacifica).