The new Suzuki S-Cross already has 5000 euros cheaper!

The new Suzuki S-Cross already has 5000 euros cheaper!

Suzuki is known for its compact, functional four-wheel drive models. The Japanese are also sticking to this basic formula when modifying a compact SUV S-Cross, which until recently was marketed as the SX4 S-Cross. Compared to its predecessor, the current model looks better and, most of all, more like an SUV. This is especially ensured by the front part and the large radiator grille that stands vertically in the wind.


Suzuki S-Cross for discounts

The Suzuki S-Cross is available at for a discount of up to 5046 euros (until May 1, 2022)

When it comes to power, Suzuki relies on electronic minimalism. Only one engine is offered, which is a 129 hp 1.4 Boosterjet Hybrid, a gasoline engine with minimal hybrid support. Available with a six-speed manual transmission or a six-speed automatic transmission. Both receivers are also available automatically with the “Allgrip” all-wheel drive system.

Buy a new Suzuki S-Cross for a discount of up to 5046 euros

If you want to get a brand new compact SUV with certified technology under the hood, you must have at least 30,790 euros ready according to the price list. And although the model has only been available for a short time, the top discount is already impressive with a suitable provider. At there is currently savings of up to 5046 euros on the S-Cross. (Status: May 1, 2022) (Important tips for buying a new car on the Internet!)

Compared to the official portfolio of Suzuki, the selection in is limited. Only all-wheel drive with Allgrip suffixes are currently available. To achieve maximum savings, you should go for the top model: Hybrid 1.4 Boosterjet with wheel drive, automatic transmission in the advanced version of the “Comfort +” equipment.

In this basic configuration, the stylish SUV already has everything your heart desires. So the Japanese drive with two automatic climate zones, front seats, a navigation system, LED lights and many support systems.

A 360-degree practical camera is already on board. Without any additional equipment, the S-Cross Allgrip Automatic Comfort + list price starts at 36,040 euros, the versions in start at 31,889 euros and are therefore 4151 euros less.

Configurator does not offer much scope for further improvement; But if you choose extras that will be charged extra fees, such as metal painting or a 17-inch black pattern, you can get a discount of up to 5046 euros (note: transfer costs reduce the discount by a few hundred euros).

Save at least 11 percent

It is not uncommon for Suzuki to be especially popular with buyers who want a solid and functional car to drive all wheels instead of luxury. So it is also worth checking out the entry level version offered on, a hybrid all-wheel drive and manual transmission in the “Comfort” version. According to RRP, Suzuki demands 31,140 euros for this model, and online service provider prices start at at least 3465 euros below that – which is 27,675 euros.

There is a 129 hp all-wheel drive model with six-speed switch, LED lights, 17-inch aluminum, rain sensor and rear camera. The transfer system is not even available for an additional charge.

If that is enough for you, you can save at least 11 percent and get a brand new car in the popular SUV section for less than 28,000 euros (note: transfer costs reduce discounts again here). (Maintenance calculations? To compare car insurance!)

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