The new Suzuki Jimny may have four doors and will be a hybrid

The new Suzuki Jimny may have four doors and will be a hybrid

The Suzuki Jimny, a good off-road SUV from the Japanese automaker, should even get a bigger, more equipped version with a hybrid engine. Based on the Russian publication e-mail.ruThe model is already in development and may arrive soon, including ongoing testing and hidden units.

The new version of the SUV should be called Jimny Long, referring to its increased size compared to the original. In terms of dimensions, it will be 30cm longer, taking the SUV to 3.85m in length. With that, there should be more space for an additional occupant (today it takes four people) and also in the luggage compartment, one of the complaints of users.

In terms of technology, the new Jimny can get technological support for safety and comfort, as well as an improved interior. In addition, it is expected that the SUV will get a light-hybrid engine, that is, with a small electric motor that helps in starting with the Start-Stop system.

Photo: Disclosure / / Canaltech

In Brazil, the Suzuki Jimny is a relative success, especially for people who have an adventurous lifestyle and who are always looking to walk, since the appeal of the car is its easy access and 4×4 appeal. Today, the jeep is sold in four versions, ranging from R$112,000 to R$138,000.


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