The new Lexus NX 350h arrives in Brazil in three versions

The new Lexus NX 350h arrives in Brazil in three versions

The SUV will be sold in three sub-versions priced between R$344,990 and R$413,990. The new Lexux NX 350h has a hybrid set with 246 hp and power

Lexus launches the new generation NX 350h in the Brazilian market. The SUV will be sold in Dynamic, Luxury and F-Sport versions with always a hybrid kit with 246 hp.

The price of the new Lexus NX 350h

Check the recommended values ​​of the three versions:

  • NX 350h Dynamic – BRL 344,990
  • NX 350h Luxury – BRL 380,990
  • NX 350h F-Sport – BRL 413,990


The new Lexus NX 350h is equipped with the fourth generation of the Lexus Hybrid Drive system. It combines a DOHC 16V 4-cylinder combustion engine, VVT-i with a power of 192 hp at 6,000 rpm and a torque of 22 kgf.m at 5,200 rpm, and two electric motors, one at the rear with 54 hp and a torque of 12. kgf. .m and another front of 182 hp with a torque of 27 kgf.m. Together, the thrusters produce 246 horsepower.

The three versions of the new Lexus 350h have EV (electric only), Auto EV (which automatically selects a mixture between electric and combustion), as well as NORMAL mode.

The new Lexus SUV comes with a Full Time All Wheel Drive traction system. This feature automatically applies power to all four wheels, enabling a smooth ride on any terrain.

How is the new Lexus 350h?

Lexus claims that the new NX 350h follows the Lexus Driving Signature philosophy that enhances finish and design details to ensure greater agility.

At the front, the second generation NX adopts a new front grille design that adds more blocks in the “U” shape, produces a three-dimensional effect and depth, and increases the sense of solidity of the visual set. In addition to the new design, changes were made to strengthen the front structure, as well as to improve the efficiency of the air flow and the cooling performance of the model.

The bumper has a refreshed, more modern and elegant design, while the hood has been extended to the front end edge to connect with the raised grille. Along with the front, the bumper and rear lines were also modified, to improve the appearance of the model.

The car also arrives with a new set of optics, which includes fog lamps with auto-flashing LED lights, automatic height adjustment and washers, redesigned to reflect the concept of elegance present in the brand’s new design language. NX also has DRL function in the shape of “L”, which communicates well with the visual identity, referring to the company’s logo.

At the back, the change is in the design of the lights, which have been extended. They invade the trunk cover and provide better lighting. The model also has an airfoil to enhance the car’s performance. An important change in the rear area is the removal of the “L” symbol, which gives way to the word “Lexus”.

Inside, the SUV has a leather finish on the steering wheel and handling the transmission, as well as parts of synthetic material on the doors, dashboard and center console, which has repositioned the parts of the transmission and direct storage, including driving control. A new feature is the navigation charger for smartphones, standard in the Anasa and F-Sport versions.


The seats are finished in genuine leather with details in eco-friendly materials, as well as a perforated coating unique to the F-Sport version. As usual in all versions, the front seats have electric adjustment in 8 positions: adjustment of distance, height, backrest and seat orientation, while the top of the line still includes lumbar adjustment and memory for only 3 profiles for the driver.


New Lexus The 350h comes equipped with a Lexus multimedia system with audio compatible with high-resolution files (WAV, FLAC, ALAC, OGG Vorbis) + AM/FM radio + WI-FI (P2P Mode) and a 14” LCD screen ” in Luxury and F-Sport and 9.8 ” in Dynamic. Both are touch-sensitive, with advanced data storage features and Bluetooth connectivity, mirroring apps like Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, Apple Music and WhatsApp via Android and Apple systems, or via USB ports.

Another new thing is the sound system (Lexus Premium Sound System) which has six speakers, three tweeters and a subwoofer, installed to ensure the best sound and provide the best acoustic experience on board.

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The NX comes with an integrated digital air conditioner with two zones of cold and heat, a humidity sensor and the S/Flow system and the Concierge feature, which integrates the air and ventilation system with seat heating, based on the temperature set by the driver or passenger.

The new generation NX is the first Lexus model to feature E-LATCH technology, available on all versions. This function allows the doors to open smoothly at the touch of a button – in and out. When the switch is activated, the system opens the doors by means of an electric motor.

The trunk has electric opening and closing with a “hands-free” system, which allows the user to open the lid by passing the foot under the motion sensor located under the rear bumper.

The car has features such as parking assistant (ICS), Lane Departure System (LTA) and audible and visual warning for the use of rear seat belts, along with a complete package of active features. The main news is the introduction of LSS+ 3.0, which adds new features and innovations to improve road safety. Check out what’s new in LSS (Lexus Safety System):

  • Lane Departure System (LTA) for all versions: the system automatically engages and warns the driver with an audible signal or steering wheel vibration to adjust speed whenever crossing lane markings.
  • Lane Change System (LCA) for all versions: the system is activated automatically to assist the driver in the process of changing lanes, to monitor approaching vehicles, to avoid potential collisions.
  • Front Collision System (Pre-Crash) for all versions: help to avoid collision and damage through audible notifications. If necessary, it automatically activates the braking system (over 20 km / h).
  • Automatic High Beam (AHB) for all versions: switches the vehicle’s headlights on and off to avoid dazzling the driver ahead and to the other side, helping to ensure better visibility when driving at night.
  • Blind Spot Alert (BSM) available in the Luxury and F-Sport versions: an advanced system that detects vehicles outside the driver’s field of vision and provides an alert via a warning in the vehicle’s rearview mirror.
  • Rear Traffic Alert for all versions: a device that provides an audible warning, informing the driver of the presence of traffic behind the vehicle.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control and Cruise (DRCC) for all versions: uses lasers, radar, cameras or these systems to maintain a constant and safe distance from the vehicle in front. The system also automatically decreases or increases the speed (more than 40 km / h), depending on the traffic.
  • Surround View Radar (Safe Exit Assist – SEA) in the Luxury and F-Sport versions: the system works with the help of BSM sensors to identify vehicles approaching from behind, including bicycles, to avoid collisions with an open door. If the system detects a potential accident, an audible signal will sound, as well as a visual warning that will flash on the exterior mirror. If someone insists on opening the door, the system will automatically lock it.
  • In terms of extreme safety, the NX 350h has eight airbags – one for the front passenger seat, one for the driver’s knee, 2 side airbags (curtain), two front and two side airbags for the driver and front passenger, traction and stability control and hill start assist. High beam with adaptive lighting system (AHS), side lights (Corner Lights), intelligent parking sensors (Intelligent Clearance Sonar – ICS) up to 15 km/h, and Active Cornering Assist complete the package. – A CA).

The sports utility vehicle also includes, as standard, ventilated ABS brakes on all four wheels and regenerative brakes at the front, and Electronic Brake – Force Distribution (EBD), ISOFIX system, as well as a camera with power guides in Dynamic and Luxury. versions. The F-Sport version has a 360° camera and a self-parking system.


The exterior colors available for the NX 350h are: Pearl White, Titanium Grey, Graphite Black, Chrome Gray and Moss Green for the Luxury and Dynamic versions. The F-Sport configuration has exclusive colors of Supernova White, Black and Olympian Blue.

The color palette for the interior lining consists of black-cream, caramel and black, red and black options for all versions.

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