The new large electric SUV is called the EX90

The new large electric SUV is called the EX90

Volvo has officially named its new electric flagship. It will be EX90. This model will be launched on November 9.

It won’t be Embla. Although the former Volvo boss had mentioned the arrival of new names for the new models, the brand ultimately remains faithful to the alpha-numeric names. He has just confirmed that his next big SU will be called the EX90. So the average customer understands that it is the same as the 100% electric XC90.

The machine will be presented on November 9. But Jim Rowan, the new boss of Volvo, gave the first presentation dedicated to the company’s favorite topic: safety. As the new flagship of the range, the EX90 will mark a new step in this area for the manufacturer, which shows that “the level of safety will go further than any other Volvo car”.

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EX90 is therefore equipped with an “invisible shield”, based on a set of sensors (camera, radar, LiDAR), outside and inside the car. LiDAR (infrared radar) will specifically monitor the road in front of the vehicle, day and night, including at high speeds. According to Volvo, it can see small objects hundreds of meters away.

On board, sensors and cameras monitor the driver’s attention. The system will notify you by sending you warnings, which will escalate if necessary. And “if the unthinkable happens and you fall asleep or become impaired while driving, the EX90 is designed to stop safely and call for help.”