The new Hyundai sports car will be launched soon

The new Hyundai sports car will be launched soon

Hyundai will launch a new sports car in July that does not look like the one already on the list. A surprise that can be added to others, later in the year.

While some developers (Peugeot and Renault, in particular) have decided to abandon their sports label, Hyundai is moving out with the N. branch. Under the leadership of Albert Biermann, who left BMW M to take the helm of the new Korean games. branch, Hyundai “N” grew slowly, especially since i30 N. The positive results of the Korean group in Europe (one of the few that developed in the hard market) prompted management to give more freedom to creative minds in the sports industry. , which is about to reveal not one, but two new models.

Ioniq 6N?

The first is not recognized. Hyundai has only revealed a profile picture under the canvas, however revealing a slim silhouette, marked with corners and adorned with heavy back damage. There is nothing that does not match what we already know in Hyundai. The second is easier to identify as it is a sharp Ioniq 6, again with many durable materials. The first explanation of all these mysteries will be released on July 15, Hyundai promises.

Posted on 06/07/2022 Updated 06/07/2022