The new Hyundai HB20 will change its appearance and update the flex 1.0 engine

The new Hyundai HB20 will change its appearance and update the flex 1.0 engine

In recent days, Car magazine brought special about new compact machines that are coming to the Brazilian market. Citroen C3, Fiat Argo and Volkswagen Polo They are on their way. And Hyundai will update as well HB20, your best seller. The current generation of the compact debuted in 2019 and will receive a mid-life upgrade.

To mark the new line, the hatch will have a new look and mechanics, which will be adjusted for new emissions and noise limits. Proconv L7. But big changes promise to be in shape, especially on the outside. The brand will redesign the HB20 with inspiration from the latest designs, such as i20 and tucson.

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Launch in July

According to the calculation of Mystery Cars, the South Korean brand’s hatch will arrive in mid-July. And changes in mechanics. The 2023 lineup will get more versions with a 1.0 turbo TGDI engine and a manual transmission. Moreover, according to the newspaper Four wheels, the expected 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine is expected to receive modifications to meet the new Proconve limits. Thus, you will gain power and torque, and you will reduce consumption by about 10%.

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new chapter

Currently, units with heavy camouflage have been spotted. They hide the entire bodywork, but the projection showing report, written by designer Kleber Silva, shows what we can expect in terms of style. The front lines of the new HB20 promise inspiration from the i20, a rich cousin made for Europeans. The back, on the other hand, will be led by the new Tucson, which has changed abroad, but has not yet left the hands of stay.

The rear will have “L” lights illuminated by LEDs, which will give a more modern look to the hatch. They may be combined with a bar that divides the lid and leaves the back with a more solid appearance. Inside, the changes are still a mystery, as no pictures of the dashboard have been made. However, the new HB20 may get panels in the style of the i20, the instrument panel and multimedia screens are integrated.

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Good time

THE HB20 line will change at a time when the model is going through its best phase in Brazil since it started in late 2012 – almost 10 years ago. With a face lift, Hyundai above all they want to beat check the hatchwhich received a lot of criticism when it was launched in September 2019. So we can expect a more interesting HB20.

This is good for the South Korean brand, as its hatch is the best-selling car in the country since 2021, when it sold 86,455 units. In 2022, the compact remains at the forefront of the segment, with 34,897 units approved between January and May. Therefore, it already has an advantage over the rival Chevrolet Onix, which has 29,901 units in the same period.

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Hyundai HB20 Vision 1.0 Mec

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Hyundai HB20 Vision 1.0 Mec